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[日期:2019-06-25]   [字体: ]
Respected leaders:
Hello! My heartfelt thanks to you I read his busy schedule of this material, and wish Guichanli cause thriving and prosperous!

I Anhui Industrial University College of Civil Engineering and Water Supply and Drainage Engineering graduates at 08 Linyuan, since entering university, the College Entrance Examination easily learned by taking the joy of the wind Ershi, because I have to start over again, will continue to work hard to meet new challenges. I was thinking of the University of four years, the knowledge structure, and psychological growth mature four years. The major benefits in the thick of learning, innovation atmosphere, which I melt into a complex talent. Time passes, I will be with my childhood dream, the ideal of youth leave my alma mater and embark on the job.

On the teachers and students in the people speak "Today you to be proud of the GREat work tomorrow on the largest proud of you," and from school, I always put it in mind, determined to four years in the university to develop their own comprehensive from the perspective of social development to improve the quality of the individual. The future can really make achievements in their own work, winning glory for his alma mater.

I am the word "strict" take the lead in studying hard stringent knowledge in the classroom, do not know how to ask, to a profound understanding. With this on the basis of professional knowledge, not forgetting expand their knowledge of the extra-curricular knowledge of a more extensive covered. I am also the importance of English learning, and constantly strive to expand the vocabulary of English communicative ability has made substantial proGREss. At the same time, in order to comprehensively enhance personal qualities, I actively participated in various activities, such experiences made me realize that the importance of solidarity and cooperation, as well as a vast knowledge of many aspects of social life, an increase of experience, I believe that this is the next to join the community will play an important role.

Now, I enthusiastically prepared to throw themselves into the social reality of the melting pot, although there are many difficulties and hardships, but I am sure that my university life to the spiritual wealth that I can overcome them.

"Changfeng will ride the waves, sea Zhigua Ji Yun-Fan," I hope that your company will give a development platform, I will treasure it, and go all out to achieve their life values and hard, and your company contribute to development.












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