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A Letter to My Friends-一封给我朋友的信,A Letter to My Frien

[日期:2008-08-31]   [字体: ]
A Letter to My Friends-一封给我朋友的信


Dear Billy,

I am very sorry to inform you I won’t be able to go to Yangminshan with you on the occasion of the Moon Festival because I just got a phone call from the U.S.A. Ma and Pa will be back ahead of schedule in order that they can get together with us on this special holiday. They of the older generation consider the Moon Festival a reunion day on which all members of a family are requested to be back home no matter how far apart they are. Under such circumstances how could I hurt their feelings by going with you to watch the brilliant moon on the night of the Moon Festival? I hope can understand my situation and put our appointment off till the day following the Moon Festival. I was told the moon on that day is much more beautiful than the one on the very day of the festival. Besides, we shall be able to avoid the holiday rush and enjoy the quiet under the moon. Do you think it’s a good idea? I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Regards. Cindy.


Dear Wendy,

It is always a pleasure to know that everything is working out well with you. Thank you for your inviting me to go on holiday with you. Do you know how happy I was when I received your letter last week? I thought this would be a very good chance to see you again. I still remember the time when we chatted the night through, discussed our plans for the future and enjoyed together the beautiful scenery of Tainan. What a good time it was! It seemed everything would be OK with our plan to go to Tainan this weekend. But unfortunately one of our relatives who has been in the States for two years will visit us this Saturday and be our house-guest. My parents expect me to stay at home to help them do well by our visitor. As a result, I have to tell you, with reGREt, that I can't spend this holiday with you. Although I can't go to Tainan this weekend, I would like to tell you that at the end of this summer vacation I will go to see my uncle who lives in Tainan. When that time comes we may have another chance to be together again. So let us wait until then. Sincerely yours, Your friend Mary


Dear Isabella,

How are you? I received your letter by special delivery yesterday afternoon. Many thanks for the enclosed nine drawings and beautiful photos and, above all , for the invitation itself. Your invitation reminds me of the promise we made last year. I can still remember the day you and your folks moved to Taipei. That day you and I made a promise to meet again one year later, and we walked the street most of the time in silence. Then we said good-bye to each other and parted at the street corner at last. That is really a haunting memory, isn’t it? Now one year is gone. You have invited me to go on holiday for a week starting tomorrow and I remember our promise. But I hope you can forgive me for what I am going to tell you: I am dying to see you, but I can't I am sorry, please. I have to break my word because my elder sister is going abroad to seek advanced study. She will leave for Germany soon and my parents want me to give a hand to them and do some things for my sister prior to her departure. I hope you can understand this. I hope you will not blame me for real, will you? Perhaps everything will be all right next time. May you have an enjoyable holiday! With love, Hero


Dear Stephanie:

Would you forgive me for what I'm going to tell you? Because I failed to persuade my parents ( old fogies they are ) to let me spend the holiday with you and they insisted on my staying at home with them, I'm afraid I have to decline your invitation. Maybe there's another way to spend the holiday with you: you can invite my parents and me to visit your folks. Would you do that for me? Please let me know before you send that kind of invitation so that I can find some excuses to persuade my parents to accept it. Waiting for your answer, your friend, Helen.


Dear Friends:

You can hardly imagine how joyfully I was thrilled when you said in your jointly-signed letter that we could have an opportunity to spend our holiday together. It seemed apparently impossible for me to turn down your offer as I was really fed up with the kind of life I led; however, on the day following the arrival of your letter, an old family friend of ours wrote to tell our parents that he would come and be our house guest for a few days. He is not yet here, but the time of his proposed stay, unhappily and quite accidentally, coincides with that of our vacationing plan. As a result, I was advised not to leave our home at that time. I hate to write this, but as you can see, I've got no choice. Please write me about your reunion and let me share the joy you are going to have. Sincerely, Agnes.


Dear Jenny:

Thank you for inviting me to holiday with you, which was what I had been expecting all the time. I would have gladly accepted your invitation, but now I am afraid I can't. Yesterday I received a letter from my parents in which they said they hadn't seen me for long and hoped therefore I could be back at home for a while. They missed me not without a reason because ever since the start of summer vacation I have been working part-time in Taipei as a bookstore clerk and have not had much time I could call my own. Much as I hope to go to Tamsui to have an eyeful of the beautiful sunset with you, chat with you and take a lot of pictures with you, I'm obliged to go home. I hope you can understand this. I have long been absent from home and sometimes I felt lonesome. I believe you have the same experience too. Thank you again and, most important, don't forget to let me know and take me along when in future days you are inclined to see some good movies, attend parties and dances, go picnicking, of whatever. May you have a happy holiday! Sincerely yours, Sarah.


Dear Mary:

I can still remember the day we parted at your school. I was heartbroken at the thought that thereafter I might not have much of a chance to see you again. On my way home I was aware that your parting words still rang in my ears. I have received the letter you sent me last week and you can imagine how glad I was at the sight of it.


Dear Helen:

Summer will soon be with us again. I am genuinely looking forward to it because of the joys we shared together last summer. However, I am aware that you are facing a challenge this summer--the college entrance examination. I have GREat confidence in you because of your diligence and intelligence.

Do take care of yourself. Don't apply yourself so completely to studies as to neglect your health. Studying around the clock will spell disaster not only for your body but also for your mind. You'd better spare some time for a walk every day.

The college entrance is something but not everything. Try your best at your ease. After the examination, we'll enjoy a much happier summer than ever! Good luck to you. Affectionately Yours, Diana


Dear S:

Only forty-two days remain before the college entrance examination. I bet you feel worried and uneasy, not knowing what to do. But don't worry too much, for everyone who intends to take the examination feels the same. You know there are over one hundred thousand students taking the examination every year, but only six-tenths of them succeed. So don't feel too bad even if you fail. However, I don't have the slightest doubt that you will succeed if you are willing to make a dash at it in the time remaining. Then everything will be all right. I wish you luck. Love, C.H.M.


Dear Jane:

How time flies! Soon you'll be taking the college entrance examination. Are you nervous? I hope you are not. Actually, there is no need to be nervous because you have always done well in your schoolwork. Perhaps the pressure comes from your parents, who tend to be over-concerned just like the parents of most students taking the exam.

Jane, don't let the people around you upset your usual calm. If they seem to be over-anxious about your exam, it's only because they care about you. You must take it easy. You must keep your cool. I don't think you have to do anything special now. Just keep up the good work you have always done in school. Don't stay up too late. You should relax, have enough rest and eat well so that you will be in good shape when the exam comes.

Well, I hope reading this letter is not taking up too much of your time. I'm sure you'll do well in the exam and enter the college of your choice. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Love, Hsien Min

A Letter to My Friends-一封给我朋友的信
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