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Unique Baby Shower Gifts: Diaper Cakes

[date:2006-12-22] [zize:B M S]

All of us know that when we are about to attend a large party, especially a baby shower, we want to bring the perfect gift that will stand apart from the rest. You don’t want the recipient to go through the gift book register later in order to recall what you gave her. You also want to present a practical gift that will actually be used!

Diaper Cakes are wonderful gifts to bring to baby showers. What is a Diaper Cake? It’s a wonderfully handcrafted baby gift. This inedible creation is arranged with premium diapers coiled in bountiful layers and filled with baby accessories and toys. The outer layer is adorned with hooded towels, bibs, t-shirts, booties, and many other baby items. All cakes are sealed in cellophane wrapping and topped off with a big bow.


Below you will find a list of what may be included in your diaper cake. You will also find a listing of the small baby accessories that come with it as well. Overall, diaper cakes come in many themes, colors and sizes. The larger cakes contain more items than the smaller cakes.

Cakes might contain one or more of the following:

- Disposable diapers
- Hooded towels
- Receiving blankets
- Undershirts
- Snap-shirts
- Burp cloths
- Bibs
- Socks
- Shoes or booties
- Baby bottle

Small Baby Accessories may include:

- Pacifier
- Pacifier holder
- Comb and brush Set
- Scratch mits
- Rattles
- Teethers
- Washcloths
- Feeding sets
- Nasal aspirators
- Small baby lotion
- Small baby shampoo
- Small baby powser
- Small baby bath
- Squeak toys
- Bath books
- Baby hangars
- Wash mitts
- Bath thermometers
- Boo bunnies

Diaper cakes are ideal for baby shower gifts, table centerpieces, gifts for new parents, and welcome-to-the-world gifts for babies.

Make your gift stand OUT -- consider purchasing a baby diaper cake for your next affair!



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