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Marble Painting: A Fun Craft Project For Kids

[date:2006-12-22] [zize:B M S]

This is a fun and easy project for small kids.

What you need:

1. Cardboard box - With one side open (a copy paper box lid, a shirt box, or even a shoe box are all good).

2. Paper - Big enough to cover the bottom of the cardboard box. It's better if you can find fairly stiff stuff).

3. Three or four marbles.

4. Three or four paint colors.

5. Sticky Tape.

Before you start:

Be warned, this can get messy, especially with younger kids. You'll want to put the kids in smocks, and either put down plenty of newspaper or do it in your garden if the weather is good enough.


1. Put the paper in bottom of the box. You can use a small bit of sticky tape on the corners if it won't stay down by itself.

2. Dip one of the marbles in paint so it's completely covered, then drop it in the box. The kid then tilts the box around so that the marble leaves a trail of paint as it rolls around.

3. When the paint on one marble runs out, repeat with a new marble and a new color.

4. When the paper has a nice design, take it out and leave the new masterpiece to dry.

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