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Reasons For Breaking Up

[date:2006-12-21] [zize:B M S]

Perhaps one of the most painful thing that you can go through is to say goodbye to a relationship that you have nurtured for so long. A failed relationship does not only mean saying goodbye to a person that you love so much but also saying goodbye to a love that you thought would last forever. In a sense, you are also saying goodbye to one of your cherished dreams and hopes.

Break ups can be really hard. People, in fact, suffer from momentary depression after break ups because the pain is just too much for them to bear. It is a really difficult situation and for some, it can be really traumatic. But it is something that is inevitable. Nothing lasts forever. Even the best relationships end, either because of the decision of the persons involved or the decision of fate and death.

There are actually a million and one reasons why relationships end. A lot of factors can play up in a break up.

Although, one can never really tell what exactly caused the rift between people, one thing is for sure, break ups happen not because of one reason but because of several factors. Love, as they say, is not enough for a relationship to survive. Although it is one of the main ingredients in a successful partnership, the couple need more than that to be able to last. One of the primary things that they need is trust in each other. A relationship will go nowhere without trust.

This is why most relationships break up because of infidelities. Trust does not also constitute the trust that a person will not look for someone else. Trust also refers to the trust that a person will never hurt you in any way and will always be there for you. Respect is another ingredient to a lasting relationship. There must be a sense of respect for each other, a sense that each can give you what you need. Without respect, there can be no trust.

Yet even if you know that you have had all three, relationships still end. Trust is broken. Respect dwindles into nothing. Love lessens. When do you know then when it is time to say goodbye and break it up.

1. Your needs are not met.

You can have love, respect and trust in a relationship and yet all those things seem not enough. There are things that one seeks in a relationship that are sometimes not provided. This is one of the reasons why couples break up.

Lack of time is perhaps one of the most common examples of this problem in a relationship. In today’s fast-paced world, people are busy with their work. People find it hard to find time to be with each other. This is especially true with couples, who are both working and have a career that they have to take care of. Things get complicated when their schedules would not meet because of out of town trips and scheduled meetings. Eventually, each will feel that the relationship is only second priority, leading to the disintegration of the relationship.

Another need that may not be met is the emotional aspect. This is where remembering anniversary dates and other occasions will come into play. Some partners especially women are sensitive in dates like these because they feel that remembering is a sign of love and care.

2. Abuse
There is no point in staying in a relationship that abuses you in some way, whether it be physical abuse, mental abuse or emotional abuse. A relationship should let you develop in some way. It should make you a better person and not destroy you. Your partner should take care of you and not abuse you in some way.

If you feel that you are not growing as you should in a relationship and that you are being abused. Get out. No one deserves that kind of treatment.

3. Falling out of love
Although love can be true and lasting, love can dwindle and couples can fall out of love. There are a lot of factors that may contribute to this feeling of emptiness and unhappiness even when you are not with the person anymore. Some people may feel guilty for feeling like this but they should realize that it does happen and it is normal.


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