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9 Key Elements To Anti-Aging

[date:2006-12-21] [zize:B M S]

Did You Know? Skin follows a biological timeline, yes it is true. Remember Geography? Boring class huh? Well believe it or not Geography teaches you how to manipulate time. Our universe is related to time and how we use that time is very important. There are some countries that don't respect time. They just show up when they want to and you have to use your time for them and is there ever enough time? We live in a world that is surrounded by tough competitors and time is so important when it comes to our professional life.

So with all this and we have to stay young too. The biggest target market today is the over forty and the baby boomers.

They want to learn the key elements to Anti-Aging and Longevity.


Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it holds most of our fluids. So it is very important to us. It protects us, it keeps us warm, and gives us the view to the world on who we are. And today who we are is very much a necessity in this busy life we lead. Taking and respecting time is really one thing we need to do in order to preserve our time. Skin during our 20's and 30's, first appear some wrinkles and becomes less resistant. Now I have seen this on some sixteen year old boys. That is early huh? But a lot of it haves to do with care and genetics. Well as aging takes place so does the declining and gravity of our skin. As skin ages, production of the intercellular cement decreases, reducing the skins ability to hold water. This results in a rough-textured appearance. Good skin care helps to lessen the physical aging of skin through topical hydration and moisturization.


One Way to deal with aging is knowing what is involved and how to care for it. The one thing we deal with that is so bad in our environment is toxins. We as humans along with nature create disasters that release toxins outside and inside our bodies. So we must protect against these toxins and learn to replenish our bodies along with our Mother Earth. One way is to DeToX. "HOw do I do this you might ask" well in the health and well-being business it is easy. Like TEAS...using a Detox Tea to help release toxins and purify your liver and kidneys. Now this is by combiningg a series of herbs that help time release these toxins throughout your day and cleansing your body and spirit. Plus it is really good to taste and can be used Hot or Cold.


Ok I now want to give you these secret key elements to achieve youth forever. Believe it or not I can show you how to stay young forever and on top of that never be sick again. But before I do that less discuss the 9 key elements to anti-aging.

Here they are:

1. Bio Hydria- blend of seven plant nutrients that soften and condition the skin.

2. Nanospheres- Infused with free radical fighting antioxidants that penetrate deep. To protect and adjust the skin.

3. Vitamin C magnesium Ascobyl Phosphate- WHAT? Ha! This is a biology thing but lets just say it is strong and strengthens your skin and elastisity.

4. Elhibin and Stimulex- You say Traci I never heard of this jumbo. Well it is science. But science through plants that derive to stimulate the skin. Exercise for the skin so to speak.

5. Alpha Lipoic Acid- Heard of this right? It is a powerful agen that increases cell metabolism.

6. Kojic Acid- natural lightening agent that reduces fine lines.

7.Copper- helps reduce fine lines and promotes younger skin.

8. Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids-Activates new and healthy skin.

9. Peptides- Improves skin roughness and lessen the appearance of wrinkle depth.

Now that you know the keys what do you do with them. Well you revolutionize it! Into a system that creates an amazing new YOU... forever. Here is what one person said about this revolutional system: " I used this system on one side of my face for 14 days ...the improvement is amazing!" Jennifer OHIO go look here (

So there it is ladies and yes MEN too. Today women are going for the younger guys because of the vitality. So you have to keep up come up well we didn't forget you it is with our NUTRIMEN. It is the generation of revolutionizing for our men today Old or young.

Finally, I want you to understand that taking care of yourself is about regaining your natural balance and you must not only do this with your skin but also your mind and your spirit.

Learn more by getting a consultant to help guide you to the natural balance you were intended to have. "We all have to climb that stairway so for your sake lets do it together" go and get the guidance you need today FREE. I want you to achieve all your goals and stay with that young spirit that you would like to have again so we can be able to be there when our loved ones need us. We don't work hard for our wealth to not enjoy it. So let get time on our side...


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