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Sti’s E2e Addresses Global, Rp Employment Woes

[date:2006-12-21] [zize:B M S]

STI Education Service Group (STI) has introduced the world’s first Enrollment to Employment (E2E) System as its way of responding and contributing to the global and local demand in human capital development.

The E2E System, an industry first that aims to help students succeed in their chosen careers with knowledge-based skills and quality, I.T.-enhanced education, is a complete approach to human resource development. This means students get applicable education, job market skills, job preparedness and job placement assistance. This system essentially covers students’ needs from the time they enroll up to the moment they apply for employment.

The E2E System has four essential components: content, school management, student certification (or pre-employment certification) and assured job placement assistance.

Under the content component, STI promises that only qualified faculty handle classes to make sure that all the courses being offered are carried out well. For better application, STI has mandated that all its instructors and professors regularly undergo training and various seminars to improve teaching skills and techniques.

The first component of the E2E System also makes sure that each bona fide student is assured of receiving what STI calls its standardized courseware, a highly advanced curriculum based on job market demands. This means STI delivers the same top-of-the-line education to its all its students in its various schools and learning centers all over the Philippines. STI is the only educational institution in the country that has standardized courseware.

Under school management, STI promises that the same procedures—from registration to implementation of its standardized courseware—will be carried out in all STI colleges and learning centers to ensure consistency in delivering quality education. This E2E component also includes STI’s faculty training to improve teaching skills and techniques and social development programs for both students and teachers.

In the third E2E System component (student certification) students will undergo evaluation activities after which they will receive certificates as part of their credentials. Certification for certain skills and trainings received have been found to play crucial roles in boosting self-confidence in the part of the job applicant, lending him credence in the eyes of the employer.

Some activities included in the student certification component of STI’s E2E System are student competitions, seminars and exhibit, which are carried out either separately in the various STI schools and learning centers or throughout the entire network. A partner organization in this component is STI-Universal Worker, Inc. (STI-UWI), an STI subsidiary that aims to prepare qualified professionals for a successful life and career in countries other than their place of birth.

In the last component, assured job placement assistance program, STI’s responsibility to its students is extended far beyond mere education as it helps its graduates use the knowledge they have acquired. The assured job placement assistance program helps STI students capture their career goals with the cooperation of Interactive Career Assistance and Recruitment System (I-CARES), an online recruitment management system exclusively for STI students and alumni, and Global Resource for Outsourced Workers Inc. (GROW), a leading overseas recruitment and staffing agency.

STI’s E2E System—right education, innovative learning systems, market-oriented programs and employment support—is envisioned to make STI achievers one of the most sought after workers around the globe.

“They will be living proof of STI’s commitment to addressing perhaps one of the bleakest predicaments in the Philippines, which is employment, or rather, lack thereof. It is also STI contribution to global human resource demands, by graduating quality knowledge workers that the world will one day come to recognize as being products of the Philippines,” STI (designation) (representative) said.

The E2E System is part of STI’s commitment to encourage Filipino youth to “make the right move today” to meet its vision of meeting global human resource needs. For inquiries, contact STI at 887-8447 local 5620/5675 or e-mail or

With a track record of 20 years experience in ICT-centered education, the STI Education Services Group (STI) has developed a comprehensive portfolio of products and systems that ultimately sets the highest levels of service in the industry. The STI Education Network consists of over 100 schools and learning centers in the Philippines and abroad, all providing students access to the latest technology resources and solid hands-on training that meets the most stringent standards of academe and industry. As a global provider of quality ICT education, STI has forged long-term partnerships with international certification providers and higher learning institutions, ensuring its graduates are at par with the world’s best technical professionals.


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