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Tourism beauty knowledge

[date:2008-04-19] [zize:B M S]
With the advent of the tourist season, many people travel full tours of the beautiful natural scenery. But on the road, irregular diet, physical fatigue, coupled with the wind and the sun, the skin is particularly vulnerable to invasive facial damage, affecting beauty and health, and therefore on the road in the special needs of beauty.

First, the road Qiao dress. Wake up the morning after the first face with warm water wash away the grease dirt, and then wash their faces cold water can increase skin elasticity, washed for makeup, such as vigorous points skin cream, lipstick smear point, sprinkle perfume, but should Tanzhuang better not.

Second, Qiao election vegetables Tim beauty. Pm local materials can be selected cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and other fresh vegetables, cut into flake, affixed to the face, neck, removed after a short, a little massage, skin absorption useful nutrients.

Third, the way more water tourism. Facial skin can be added to drinking water due to the loss of nutrients and water, and more water on the road is essential to the protection of beauty.

Fourth, eat more fruits benefits the skin. Fruit in a number of vitamins and minerals, and so on, through the biochemical role of organisms, the skin Aerobics provides a wealth of nutrition.

Fifth, do not forget that face, with mountain spring water. Often have to travel during the spring, do not forget that the use of mountain spring water face. Springs water pollution due to fewer includes a variety of minerals, the skin is extremely useful, can be enhanced toughness and elastic skin and prevent wrinkles and Chapped Nipple.

6, rest, massage facial. Rest in the road, they can pause Bimuyangshen, gently massage facial. Help restore skin elasticity, and maintain beauty.

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