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12 beauty ideas

[date:2008-04-16] [zize:B M S]
Strawberry white teeth? Jiemian pineapple juice? Lemon juice restore colour…… beauty of these small ideas you have not tried it, it quickly to see, we can learn a lot NEE MM their yo.

1. Strawberry white teeth:
     New York dentists tell you scaling secret: "strawberry slices, and then return in the teeth of the friction surface will be able to remove teeth stains." Of course, small can of course bring your strawberry-star smile, but it at least to be effective Apart from unsightly teeth on the coffee stains and cigarette stains, and let you laugh more confident.

2. Emergency "hair":
     Attend important occasions, but found that the new hair grow into the near and just incompatible with hair color, the how do? The models have the unique skills you can learn from this: Choose with your hair color similar waterproof mascara, which sprouted in detail contracted for the roots, can certainly confound truth.
3. Pineapple juice Jimian:
     "Pineapple juice is excellent Cleaning products," said Dr Patrick Bowler, "It contains the enzyme to remove the stains on the skin." Hand or you can access Soak some pineapple juice, and then in the face of light Light massage.
4. Ice milk relieve sunburn:
     Will be ice water and milk to a ratio of 1:1, and then immerse a clean cloth. Will be fully wetting cloth burned or deposited in the dry parts of the pain, we can relieve skin pain.
5. Lemon juice restore colour:
     Summer, do you have anything to fads drying wheat color of the skin? Now they regret it wants to change colour back? Magic lemon juice can help you this busy, doing some of the film to join, you will find Wheat color gradually shallow!
6. A disinfection tablets Kit:
     Marian Newman famous nail division of the Kit is actually a secret baby disinfection tablets. "Infant disinfection tablets dissolved in warm water, then nail submerged for about 10 minutes, so simple!"
7. Cuyan to black:
     Cameroon - how successful Diaz beat abhorrent black? She added a quarter cup water and 3 drops spoonful Cuyan iodine, Soak in a mixture of Tu, deposited in the nose. A few hours later, black magic was to suction out.
8. Save the nail polish:
     Idle nail polish solidification, thickening of how to do? Do not worry, will be on the water in a nail polish will, we will be able to return to the earlier thin slippery texture. Do not forget to use it after Add refrigerator, so you use the next time will not encounter trouble.
9. Chunzhuang baby oil dumping of olive oil:
     Although the United States and lipstick, but did not thoroughly Remove Make would cause chapped, lip wrinkles, and other problems. You can use olive oil or stained swab baby oil to shrug off lipstick, the effect was very good.
10. Deal with nail polish loss:
     The nail polish was painted mottled split bump spot, a very ugly how do? Professional manicure division proposal must use a water wash thoroughly wash away the entire nail color, such as a water wash after applying the new dry nail polish. Otherwise, the color of the nail between the color will be embarrassed.
11. Cider Color:
     Golden hair easily Fanchu ugly brass color, not to worry, you can try using cider shampoo, it can effectively protect you with a beautiful golden yellow.
12. Lipstick change blush:
     Common peach or pink lipstick to blush when James, the effect was very natural. Zygomatic in lipstick on that point, and then use your fingers to open it to the floor! This move also allows you to be the Prink bag burden.

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