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Beauty tool for small Wikipedia

[date:2007-11-30] [zize:B M S]
You are the true beauty of people? Occupational Regulation in the famous category division Linda Rothschild eyes, familiar with the beauty products alone is far from sufficient. He said: Even Christy Turlington Burns, Heidi Klum such a big star, used almost all the best-selling cosmetics, will appear in the incident suffered a setback because they Micro. True, the use of cosmetics is not difficult, they casually thrown into the drawer all the more easy, but how to use simple small containers, let your makeup Taiwan will never order discipline and the help of those beauty tools, cosmetics play to the limit effectiveness, is the beauty the ultimate course.



With lesson: Culture pleasure of finishing classes: master of the discipline of the order
STEP1: watch time
Most people get up and entered the bathroom the morning will not wear watches, but beauty and cosmetics is often a certain time on the request. Then a rack in the bathroom on the top of a small clock on the error could have been avoided time. STEP1: inventory stocks
In any buy a new beauty products, should not forget that a work: all of your beauty products are all out on their own before (cleaning materials, moisture supplies, salon supplies, etc.), so that you only you will have things in a global awareness, in the end they had to add what you need how many storage space. Not to forget the bathroom beauty products other than in the statistics should also be within.
STEP2: room for flu
If you can make certain things, it had to shift before more than two  then at least shows you do not like to use it. All the items for you to stay well enough room to let you more easily get them, but also let you more easily put them to good. STEP2: thin inventories
Throw away those functions similar products (you really need three kinds of make-up water?), As well as those you do not have six consecutive months of used items. "You simply no justification for the continued use of sunscreen in Kaifeng last year," Rothschild said. Many products will be one year after the failure of Kaifeng. So all may not hear as fresh boost the cosmetics are removed from your inventory it.
STEP3: our reach convenience
Similar products to consolidation together, for example, will contact lenses syrup, Remove Make eye contact lens boxes and water together. "If this kind of thing scattered placed so, they will be very time-consuming. If you can not find a certain things and re-buy anything, it will only cause more confusion." Rothschild said. STEP3: storage space
Using a special storage bins to store those easy casually placing small objects. For example: You can  nail file, the polished burrs and other such items into a small jar, this way, when you want to everywhere when they do not have to look for. Rothschild also recommended in the labeling before the small jar, as if finishing bookshelves and , you just scan eyes, put on the inside know what.
STEP4: clean containers
Transparent small jar, allow similar small tweezers, and ball, and and so on the placing of these small tools become orderly, and they become so clear. STEP4: duplicate collate
To prevent the recurrence chaotic, every one or two months it should repeat this compilation process. If the lack of adequate collections space, it must exercise restraint desire to buy bulky items, if you do buy, then install new items before, we need to throw away or give up the old articles.


Procurement lesson: never go wrong buying hand tools
STEP1: escape from the trap of softness
"You see, this how soft ah" Please do not be misled by such words, the elements of Mao decision is flexible, soft hair can not brush the makeup of a level surface, in general than animals brush color synthetic hair come to be more flexible, and  the arc is resolved with this brush is suitable for the public, or used only professionals, in the choice, it is recommended to use silty makeup, whether we can uniform and then from key in the back of the hand gently, do brush up on the color is a very natural, or to maintain the uniformity of color can be the judge flexibility. STEP2: to let professional ghosts
Brush with a brand name, arbitrary price may exceed the makeup brand with a single goods, we have chosen to focus not use the , small rats hair, or horse hair, but also other professional words were terrified . A professional brand, there may be more than 10 of eye makeup brushes, but only a best-selling forever, because 95 percent of the old people, we can draw another level clean makeup brush with the surface, that hand is the key As , as long as no tingling in the face of flu, will not brush twice on foot has become fluffy. STEP3: the secret of lasting as new
No matter how much time, forever and a new time, which requires the highest collection and cleaning techniques, the New York private cosmetic consultants Raychel Wade said, does not require daily use of , preferably on a soft texture woven box in order to maintain a clean, and commonly used small tools, such as , casual painting, and eye makeup the brush, one needs to dust, the best they erected in a box with the lid, even abandoned biscuit boxes; Brush regularly with a professional cleaning fluid for your dust; In addition, Wade also raised another dust rapid method: Remove Make effect of a fast-drying paper cleans brushes, this will not wetting.
STEP4: comfort is always the first
What kind of eyelashes folder best? To folder is a feeling of Barbie dolls, or can be left off each eyelashes? Professional make-up, as long as the gesture is correct, then short eyelashes can become , and good eyelashes folder important radians, and in any case will not be trapped pain eyelids, for example, the most popular SHISEIDO folder and SHU UEMURA eyelashes , are to meet with Asian eyes radian, which, SHISEIDO more suitable for the eyes of a slender female, and SHU UEMURA is the big eyes Asia-mei Gospel.
As for the necessary push powder sponge, delicate texture can be pushed to the powder evenly other, more delicate texture, the more skin is not easy to feel that burden.
There can easily be overlooked flutter, only using thin soft natural fiber can help thorough cleansing skin, the skin will not cause any burden after the end of each link in with the dried ventilation, and there must be for one, in order to avoid bacterial contamination. STEP5: full reviews of all types of brush
Honey painting, need to and meet some of the high-location, usually of the most abundant hair, but Sorting have levels flu.
 brush, round-headed muscle to satisfy Apple mature flu makeup or face to the different requirements for multi-angle cosmetic practices.
Eye makeup brushes, there are at least three before enough, the size of a, respectively smoked for a high light and makeup eventually, a special diagonal to orbital above, such as location with the best.
Eyebrow Brush, Brush should we must use oblique angle, so no matter eyelid line, and eyebrow brush, can draw the most accurate lines.

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