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15 long-tested hair care Miao

[date:2007-11-30] [zize:B M S]
1 not directly shampoo fell on the head

If your hair comparison valuables, when not directly shampoo fell on the head. Many shampoo, especially that -shaped, contain hair care ingredients and allow these elements rooting close scalp, no hair dry after the three-dimensional sense. The best shampoo fell on the palm hearts, and then clean the hair, not contact with the scalp and finally the bubble with out like cleansing the scalp. >> Can not see such terrible shampoo

2 conquering nature volumes

Feeling the pulse - if you want to be your natural volume, the plastic can be sprayed in fine tooth comb, or clean toothbrush, from the time when lines began combing hair down, we can maintain straight hair and smoother. >> Professional hair stylist reminded: Vol care of uninvited

3 bedtime repair

Bedtime painted the hair care disposable dry-to repair damaged hair, two to three times per week do better effect. - Painted hair care, hair comb to comb used Shun, in the towel pillows on the pad can protect your pillow is not dirty. >> Let hair care-play 100 percent effective Tips

4 Magical Effect of Oil

If serious damage to the hair, so deep in the night before and hair care can add drops in the role of the olive oil with moisturizing. >> Liquid gold olive oil beauty Dafa []

5 Be a beach care

At the swimming pool or the beach before, in the hair point sunscreen or contain sunscreen ingredients in hair care. Sunscreen ingredients can help protect your hair color, and the temperature of the sun enables better hair care ingredients to the hair-depth internal, when you clean the hair after the hair will find that becomes very soft.

6 Do not vigorously hair

Before the hair-drying not vigorously hair, but pressing gently with a towel.

7 tame hair

Just head, two mixed with a non-alcoholic type Jelly clearing in the hair, such mixtures can no longer hair stem chaos because and Alice.

8 manufacture fluffy

Use hair dryer hair-drying, they can towards the rear side of combing hair and head hair blowing, it is best to hair into the vertical salt, so there will be fluffy hair blowing in the texture, not slumps in affixed to the scalp on the.

9 deal with Alice's hair casually chaos

Alice casually chaos to deal with the hair, the hair must be done before handling them, sorted by downward slowly, and then hairdryer close to the mouth of the Wind hair so that it stereotypes.

10 speed

If your hair is type or natural rolls, to get them straight up, it must be fast to the downward movement of air-dried hair to hair dryer. If there curly hair, it's part of wetting the curly again dryer

11 wearing a baseball cap

If you are first, let hair air-dry naturally. When dry hair almost 90% of the time, wearing a baseball cap, and 20 minutes later removed, so you will have smooth head and the tail curly hair.

12 maintain hairstyle

To maintain the straight hair to hair, bathe in the hair before using hairpin high , wearing a shower cap. later, around water, and other neck hair done after then lay down their hair, the hair will not become a type.

13 redundant absorption swap

If the careless use of disposable hair care products have been too many in the position of rooting sprayed with powder or oil absorption point stereotypes spray containing alcohol, the alcohol content of which can absorb excess grease.

14 of the new usage of plastic

In the folder you want to place on the hairpin hair spray glue that can prevent hairpin shift, but before the first hairpin on the folder with hair dryer here to the hair dryer.

15 awaken stereotypes products

Let your hair in a few hours after the still glamorous, can be dutiful palms, hair gently by the hand, it allows hair products on the continuing role stereotypes.

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