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Perfume and enjoy wonderful time together (AP)

[date:2007-11-30] [zize:B M S]
The world's most famous female coco chanel said: "I do not know how to use the female perfume is no future to speak of." For those who make the best use of perfume women, aged no more than a beautiful time of overlap, perfume was carrying in years most remember the wonderful time.
Fragrance perfume from the word derived from Latin perfumum, meaning "smoke penetration" in the ancient Roman era, the use of spices as a ritual when fuel. By 3000 before ancient Egypt, mankind will only do good use as a spice, after rumors Egypt Yan Ke Lou Batelaao bathed each body will be immersed in the Rose sesame oil, in order to achieve the aroma lingering effects, and has been the Caesar and Anthony's favor, perfume as a love-mei medicine, the first being printed in the history. Medieval Europe, Britain's Queen Elizabeth in over fifty years old, also with the preparation of perfume from rosemary won the Hungarian King handsome young love, the magical charm of perfume is amazing.

Of course, more women today know how to make the best use of the different incense perfume for women add charm. To Rose, jasmine-based Fragrant Flowers tune richest female flavor, sweetness touching. For example, Estee Lauder in 1995 launched the pleasures to give women elegant, intellectual, a caring image prominent grass, leaves and other vegetation and the grass-scented Ngong water, natural flavor to become the mainstream in recent years - tune, for example, Dior's Dune, such as citrus lemon-tune as the focal point, be seen as neutral perfume examples. Another example is a group called CK for Generation X introduced the younger generation of CK ONE, no exaggeration, Qiao Hua, only simple and fresh. There are obvious exception of citrus and other fruit-scented incense perfume the fruit is clear vitality. For example, the water KENZO life has been added to the water lily, lilies, peonies, the GUI on the , exudes purity of . Also led by the fragrance of incense-aldehyde, smell the thick, mature charming, like the world-famous chanel No.5, "a distinct perfume in the past; a woman's perfume; an odor, it is difficult forget the woman. "and full of mysterious tune, which is often said that the Orient emphasize that the use of suitable night, the noble and mysterious, such as the Thousand and One Nights Lan Jiao, mixed with animal scent of suffocation and this women's perfume of the incense, and the temptation every one ready to make trouble heart.

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