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Let the young 10-year-old woman

[date:2007-11-30] [zize:B M S]
The female beauty, the one who does not want to own more young, and can retain a healthy US? We introduced the method is very easy to achieve, if you can stick to. Want young 10-year-old? In the not so difficult to imagine, but to persevere!

Netizen Li Li seen or understanding of the youth keeping the Road below for (including men and the ladies netizens, recommended here are cheap home) Kam through, we would like to give a reference of:

Upholding a little more each day, can be more beautiful

1. A tomato or an apple

In fruit and vegetables, tomatoes are the highest content of Vitamin A, Vitamin C in Apple's content is also high, so such a day at least eat fruit, to meet the requirements of vitamin C a day.

2. Cup vinegar

For women, to protect the skin, in addition to diet, in a bottle of vinegar and make-up on stage, after the first wash their hands each time and may cast a vinegar, was covered with cloth to retain 20 minutes later clear away, Roubai to hand skin tenderness. If you live in areas, the quality of their tap water hard, then in the wash water daily insisted that put a little vinegar, can play the role of Skin.

3. A cup of yogurt a day

Skin to "Run" Common yogurt, yogurt contains large amounts of lactic acid, the role of moderate, but also safe and reliable. Yogurt Mask is the use of these lactic acid, a mask the effect of stripping daily, would skin tender and delicate. Practice is also very simple。

Yogurt other beauty Effects:

Hair care with  , with the use of yogurt as milk, hair shampoo will not have residual problems, also very supple. But be sure to use warm water-clean.

Calcium Calcium from the point of view of women is one of the most vulnerable groups of calcium deficiency. The effect of calcium supplementation and milk is superior to any of the food, especially the yogurt and more easily absorbed. Therefore, women should ensure that they drink a cup of yogurt a day.

4. A cup of soybean milk

To a middle-aged woman, in the beginning of estrogen decline, which would accelerate the loss of calcium in the body, this will cause the various functions of the human body soon recession, a cup of soybean milk daily persist, human estrogen can increase the timeliness added, there are no artificial drug regulation and the formation of body organs other side effects.

5. Two glasses of water sooner or later

Adequate moisture is the protection of health and beauty. The morning cup of clean water can be gut, add the water lost at night. While at a glass of water can not guarantee overnight blood too thick because of water shortage. So every night, the role of drinking water can not be underestimated.

How clever drink:

Lunch hours: fasting food intake by drinking water

Try to drink a cup of the Japan Society for the former water, a can fill Gollum Gollum to the five internal organs ring for the temple, reducing dietary component; Second required to supplement the water body, speeding up metabolism.

6. A cup of tea

The woman must drink tea, if not stomach illnesses, green tea and oolong tea best. Tea is the most natural, the most effective weight loss agent. Of course, today has used all kinds of flowers dry processed into health care for people to use the scented tea, the Skin directly, promote sleep, and so on.

How to Be a tea-Americans:

Tea thin much stress here that the tea is not the traditional sense of scented tea, black tea what, but according to their own choice of raw materials needed , such as: Adlay, lotus leaf, lemon ...

7. Feet a day bubble

In the morning (only 20 minutes), or in the evening (preferably one hour), with 40 degrees above the water and drops of vinegar can play a fitness Anshen effect.

process is the first deployment of good syrup feet Add immersed for 20 minutes, then feet held wiped away, a foot massage.

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