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Her legs Trilogy

[date:2007-11-20] [zize:B M S]
Want to have proud of curve? A set of slimming products simple three steps will help you achieve the impossible task of quickly becoming the early spring of owners.  

The first step - smear way Qu

Will slimming solution (thin cream) cleans the calf, thigh, buttocks and abdomen. Add a chair on the floor, some affixed to the back of a chair on the ground, his legs will then lie down on the chair lift. (Icon)

Its smear way, it is used by the hands from a bottom-up right leg by sliding back and forth gently, and then make use of substantial ankle on the way from massage to the waist, repeat this action 7th after the end of follow-left leg.   
Three steps to remove fat --

Step 1:

First sitting on the floor, legs onmiddle, and then to about natural open. After hands to the lumbar extensionground, you will find that the lateral thigh muscle because such a gesture and feeling tense.

Massage approach: put his hands close to his leg Tiger's Mouth, thumb and otherfour separate means and placed, and then gently massage from ankle to thigh stiffened feeling the outer edge of the site. Orange peel easily arise in the thigh and buttocks phenomenon connected location, can strengthen repeat massage 2 to 3 times.   

Step 2:

Will legs, then look inward load. You will find that the inner thigh muscles as this posture and feeling tense.

Massage practices: the thumb pressing hands medial thigh, the other并拢four means placed at the outer edge of thigh massage from ankle to thigh stiffened the impression the site. Repeat this massage moves 2 or 3 times.  

  Step 3:

Lie flat on the ground, legs forced feet on the floor, propped up the hip careful not to let too much elevation formed back arched. Feet on the floor, playing straight back in the circumstances buttock lift. Pressing buttocks with fists around at the same time tightening abdominal muscles.

Massage practices: prize from the bottom-up hands Pressing your thighs, buttocks and abdomen below the waist and on both sides.

Massage the end of the action: a simple and efficient: a body lying legs straight, and then lifted his head slightly. Repeat tightening buttock muscle relaxation, the prize at the same time pressing his buttocks.

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