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Xiu legs Movement (AP)

[date:2007-11-20] [zize:B M S]
Who would not have legs charming lines? However, we can just sitting there with the dream of tall? Still movement up!

Major moves: legs

Supine ground, abdominal tightening, placed beside her hands, shoulders relaxed. To his left leg buckling and feet flat ground, his right foot extension, as far as possible upward increase. Gently straighten his right foot and toe and maintain straighten, and then turn the clock with 10 small circle, and then against the clock to 10 small circle. Turn right leg, buttocks and legs will feel taut, physical center to the legs, thighs medial would also tighten after completion of the above actions left leg repeat done. Every week do two to three times, each time 1-3 (beginners can be only one group), six weeks should be effective.

Other amendments legs campaign

Skating is effectively adjust the leg muscle movements, because movement feet forward and lateral often promote. Daily playing roller skating to the park 30 minutes, during difficulty raising moves, such as looking uphill and taxiways.

Boxing kicked in the side and sweep kicks, tighten legs have a great effect.

To participate in ballet classes, all beating movements can be played on both legs wonderful effect.

Armed do pull-ring, the legs can be made before and after the training site, preferences for five minutes warm-up, and then at medium speed 15 minutes or so to do five minutes for high-speed train moves, then do five minutes to ease action.

Rope skipping, they can turn to one leg and legs-jump, every one minute conversion time, each rope skipping last 10-15 minutes.

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