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Tomato Beauty maintenance ST strokes

[date:2007-11-20] [zize:B M S]
Tomato can improve the balance oil secretion, let no skin at any time oil is not greasy, more flexible. If that trouble can be cut into thin tomato directly affixed to the face, and about 20 minutes on the effect can be achieved-length skin beauty. These can also use tomato slices in the face massage, can go and tender skin keratinocytes. Tomato juice can also make good use! Can be used , good whitening effect, long can also try to soiled some tomato juice, can go to the oil anti-inflammatory, ease discomfort! In short, I really like tomatoes, in addition to eating tomatoes, tomato juice drink, I keep tomato mask is white secret weapons to, and I like to small beauty 1,10 when the tomato!


Tomato one (medium), milk powder 2 tablespoons honey 2 teaspoons

1, will be fully cooked red tomato with spoons .

2, then milk and honey joined tomato mud, uniform mixing into paste.

3, wash, uniform coating surface and then deposited on the site t word is thick and a little massage, 10 minutes after clean with warm water can be. (Applied to the face, the hot wet towel or paper mask with a commercial stamp, we can be more help absorb!)

<Length skin beauty effectiveness>

This mask tomato to oil, grease a good balance effectiveness, and cleaning, whitening and sedative effects, is very suitable for oily skin of Oh! Because there are many faces of useless horny, we can take advantage of when removed, together with lycopene and the nourishment of milk, the skin tender allows flexibility.

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