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Skin most favor the 10

[date:2007-11-20] [zize:B M S]
Mixed skin

1, BIOTHERM crystal white purification Xiu Yan SPF23PA + + 350 yuan: green, purple, pink, white four colors, isolation ultraviolet, makeup at the same time help adjust color, the skin has to perfect condition.

2, LANCOME absorbed sunscreen skin SPF20/PA + + 395 yuan: water surplus light texture, with double filtration system patents, powder, green, yellow three colors modified imperfect color.

3, Xue Yan LOREAL multiple sunscreen SPF30 + PA + + + 110 yuan: natural colors and color, skin significantly enhance the ability to resist against the outside world, the black and prevent skin aging.

Dry skin

4, SISLEY plants sunscreen 920 yuan: SPF20 (natural color), SPF25 (colorless) and SPF40 (colorless) three formulations, with soft, moisture, compaction and isolation functions.

5, BORGHESE essence of anti-filter-SPF28 450 yuan: water emulsion, silk slippery texture, both isolation, whitening, high pay and anti-aging effect.

6, OLAY sunscreen isolation Xiu Yan emulsion SPF30/PA + + 129 yuan: a significant antioxidant effects, to purify the inner skin, both whitening, speckle removing, moisturizing, conditioning skin effect.

Oily skin

7, YSL perfect protective isolation SPF85 70 yuan: meticulous smoother texture, all-round protection of the skin in advance at the same time prevent skin aging effect.

8, DIOR Xue Ling flawless crystal color amendment isolation Milk SPF35 420 yuan: texture lightweight, white, beige and light purple three colors, lighting control technology can be used at any time show uniform color.

9, AVON Xiu Yan SPF30 60 yuan: containing vitamin E and natural plant components, lightweight oil-free formula that color, at the same time as translucent laid uniform foundation.

10, AUPRES protective beauty of SPF18 180 yuan: containing extracts of Cili, cleaner not Zhanni, isolation Makeup at the same time easy to smear the Foundation make-up, which renders the maintain more durable.

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