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Three strokes acquired small for Britain

[date:2007-11-01] [zize:B M S]
Let us a slightly news is that Jennifer Lopez as the "big" has become obsolete! The current epidemic is "peach" - type small for Britain! Its best "spokesmen" is a "world genetic Aesthetics" the finest Minogue. It is said that Carey's "peach" in the United Kingdom is small for Britain Music Awards ceremony, has aroused people's close attention. Especially when she's small for Britain as swing music, will be a big hip immediately Jennifer Lopez, "Huang into" hell.

Small for Britain triggered the rise of two major revolution!

First, the hip surgery, said Kelly is the stupid done a liposuction surgery, and become one of the "peach" for Britain's leading small people.

Second, campaigns for Britain.

Special campaign for Britain against the hip more "flimsy" Oriental beauty. Simple movements and effective time, the hip line "fashioning."

  Practice 1: fitness ball is squatting

  Practice 2: fitness side of the ball squat

  Practice 3:俯kneeling legs ju

In times of the body suggested that the private

● each movement ago 5 ~ 10 minute warm-up activities.

● sedentary will buttocks muscle relaxation. To make buttocks muscles strong, hip movement done every day, at least adhere to three weeks.

● gluteal muscle is the main mode of training with the back and thighs linked to, for example, lunge.

● contraction of abdominal exercises can help waist to hip, forming a graceful curve.

● gluteal muscle contraction and control of the vagina can stimulate the systolic and diastolic, the gluteal muscles strong health benefit of living.

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