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The correct sitting driving

[date:2007-10-27] [zize:B M S]
Editor's note: When people are delighted to bring our car fast and convenient when everyone knows there are many potential hazards positive people quietly walked. This paper does not say that vehicle safety, and does not call the tail gas pollution to the environment, said the only drivers in a day on the topic - sitting on proper driving. The article will affect the right start with the reasons for sitting, standing on the wrong bring harm, the final will tell you how to sit in the cab driving is the correct sitting.

What are the reasons for impact on people's driving sitting?
Research results show that the United States, the impact of the main factors driving sitting including two major aspects:
First, the operation of motor vehicles interface structure. They mainly refers to the size of automobile steering wheel, steering wheel and accelerator pedal / brake pedal distance, the旋纽dashboard layout and structure of car seats.
Second, automobile drivers personal factors, including the driver's height, leg length, arm length, driving habits and so on. One of the important factors that affect drivers comfortable control of various pedal position.
Driving errors are standing injury and the various reasons
It is now time to deal with the growing car length, the work,自驾游, etc.. When people entered the driver's seat every day, turning the steering wheel to control the clutch, brake pedal, throttle switch and Shift. These simple petty actions may seem modest errors in chronic adverse sitting with the support of seats will have lower back, hip and spine cause permanent harm, which is not usually a simple lumbar acid腿痛it. Moreover, now, because of the growing traffic congestion caused prolonged driving, highway driving spirit of the more highly concentrated undoubtedly increase the risk of harm. At the same time in case of an accident, driving the wrong sitting (including distance from the steering wheel too close to the chest) because of the instant pop airbag injuries to themselves.
At this time a lot of people will think, why poor driving sitting on the body have hurt? This is because: scientists in various organs of the human body to the inherent vibration frequency was measured, lumbosacral which is the natural frequency of 4-6 Hz, the value of the human body may be different because of the change sitting. Subsequently, the people and the various car engine while in motion because of the bumpy road and the driver chairs the vibration were measured and found that all were less than 50 hertz vibration of low frequency vibration. So, if the human body as a lumbar quality - flexibility - resistance system, then it's right on the natural frequency of vibration of automobile. Therefore, when the driver drove his lumbar spine in very easily lead to a simple physical phenomena - resonance, which will increase the role of resonance vibration in the spine and increase the volume of its harm. Car vibration sustained spinal compression and tensile fatigue would surrounding tissue and causing local tissue damage. Moreover, the constant vibration will also affect the metabolism of lumbar disc obstacles, and has accelerated the degenerative disc deformation or even lumbar disc herniation, leading to the occurrence of low back pain.
The various methods to reduce injuries
Since the impact of motorists know that sitting and the main factors driving the wrong sitting bring harm, then what measures can be taken to reduce harm to the greatest extent? The answer lies in the following aspects:
1. Election of a suit their car. This is mainly drivers from each of the height, leg length and arm length for the different starting point, we should consider buying a car is the height of the vehicle, wheelbase, it can be very comfortable arms control steering wheel, driving seat with the design of their own. When conditions permit, as far as possible to choose the car with automatic transmission. This can be because of stamping on the back of the clutch will be made to suffer under pressure from the leg.
2. Avoid prolonged the drive and high-speed driving. Motorists on the body of prolonged injury is self-evident, and therefore could not be affected under the premise of driving, can play some different styles of music to listen to, or eating snacks, help add calories. Encountered traffic congestion or red light, we can relax this opportunity. High-speed driving people's attention will be highly concentrated, the driving position will have changed substantially.
3. To correct use of seat belts. This has two implications, it is necessary to adhere to the use of seat belts, and the second is to the proper use of seat belts.
4. Proper adjustment of the seat height and angle. In order to meet the different requirements of seats, car seats now have a variety of regulating agencies. For example, before and after sliding regulating agencies, seating movements agencies, institutions tilted back, head and the level of before and after adjusting mechanism, the length of seat adjustment organizations. Outstanding head design can greatly reduce neck, shoulder oppression.

Sketch car seat head restraints

Massage car seat head restraints

5. The technical staff under the guidance of the correct adjustment of the angle of the steering wheel, while maintaining a comfortable driving manipulation, and maintain a correct sitting. If these measures do not enable you to maintain a comfortable driving premise, chest and the steering wheel range of more than 25 cm, I suggest you use the equipment of a small car airbags.
What is the proper driving sitting
Proper driving position is: eyes - as drivers, two-hand gripping the steering wheel of 10:10, with the steering wheel arm at a 90 degree angle. The back seat after a 23 degrees angle, the cushion was seven degrees (not above 10 degrees) forward翘起, hip place cushion and backrest angle, in the operation not to move forward as appropriate. Drivers should avoid immediately after moving to do physical objects and flexion movement, and do not drive for a long time, the proper way should rest, we might as well get off to do a few minutes of walking or waist activities, as this will coach driver, it is particularly important.
Photo below will be linked to elaborate on specific steps:
1. The human body and seats to the contact area as much as possible, which is often said that "filled on foot", and the top will be sent chairs head binaural connection with the same driver. This approach will allow seats to bear most of the weight of your body, even if the long hours of driving and you will not find sitting in the fatigue and soreness.
2. The distance between people and the steering wheel:平伸hands, both hands on the steering wheel is on the wrist, this was the most suitable distance.
3. Bending extent of the leg: the leg was bent about 90 degrees, so if the emergency brake, legs more convenient flexible response. When the crash occurred, but also to ensure adequate buffer legs, upper and avoid inter-ministerial harm.
4. Two hands on the steering wheel position: general pilots are used both hands on the steering wheel at "10:04 point" position, there are lots of single men like the walking, where the proposal will not only grip with both hands, on 9 and three approximate level position, so help bear urgent cases effectively controlled vehicles.

The upper reasonable distance: extension, the steering wheel is on the wrist

Correct seat belt line: the first level of seat belts pulled the steering wheel to wear

The right leg bending angle: the leg was bent about 90 degrees

Summing up:
Proper driving sitting to driving operation, and reduce our mistakes action to facilitate observation instruments and road conditions, ease of use of various driving manipulated institutions, in order to ensure the correct, flexible, agile, durable and safe conduct driving operation to ensure road safety, at the same time, motorists sitting norms , correctly, and also to reduce the extent of driver fatigue, driving guarantee pilots and maintenance work lasting good health and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases, the final driver can also feel comfortable. Hope that more people are able to have a good driving sitting to improve driving safety.

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