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car maintenance

[date:2007-10-27] [zize:B M S]
Day-to-day maintenance and car maintenance

1, the day-to-day maintenance of the drivers

The "three-location": persist before moving off, or travel in the car after the vehicle safety inspection bodies and components connected fastening;

"Four-ching": keep air, oil, fuel filters and batteries clean;

"Four defenses": preventing oil spills, leaking gas leakage, and leakage.

2, Yang car drivers peacetime attention

A most simple and practical method vehicles leakage. Every day in the car before the first vehicles from the parking places removed, and then look at the original parking place has water, oil traces, if any, would the vehicle engine and chassis to conduct further checks to the early detection of oil spills, leaking place.

B do not advocate the use of lubricating oil additives (Question 22: all that oil role?)

C regular replacement of brake oil

The use of specialized vehicles D玻璃清洁剂

E engine to conduct regular high-speed operation

3, the spring traveling vehicle maintenance and attention

● do biocontrol waterproofing work

● timely maintenance air filter replacement

● regular inspection Automotive Air Conditioning

● check potential hidden danger

● Wiper to be more careful inspection and maintenance

● regular attention to the observation Engine

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