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Novice 9 steps to replace tires

[date:2007-10-27] [zize:B M S]
If the event of a tire blowout, the first to remain calm remember not to panic. In fact, their own hands is not difficult for tires, in accordance with the procedures of running as long as, for fetal Easy, also.

Step 1:
  first level close to the car parked in a safe place and activated warning lights. As in the case of a tire blowout when traveling, remember to remain calm in his hands to seize the steering wheel, as far as possible, the safety car to enter the street slowly coming to a halt. At the same time, driving自动档vehicle, to be allocated stalls P stalls, hand-1 cars should enter the stalls or倒档.

Step 2:
  alight in the four weeks prior to observe the traffic situation to determine safety before the car尾厢alight to remove gloves, tires and other backup tools for replacement tires.

Step 3:
  first diagonal form wheels twisted loose screws.

Step 4:
  then jack scaffold on the chassis, the body slowly rising only a few remain close to the tires of the ground. Then reserve tires pad in the bottom of the vehicle to prevent a car suddenly fell down.
Step 5:
  by then it will be possible to screw loose.

Step 6:
  At this point once again increased rotational jack about the body about 10 centimeters, ensure that there is sufficient space to inflatable tires Add normal reserve. Then My blasting of tires on the underside of vehicles, tires installed on the reserve.

Step 7:
  fitted with tires, ensure that the correct location screws to form on the twisting angle screws. The wheel is still hanging in the sky, so the screws are not tight to the state.

Step 8:
  then underneath the car tires removed, and then jack slowly down. When the tire to be once again after the diagonal form with each of the screw locking.
Step 9:
  final bursting of the tire jack and recovery vehicles尾厢is completed for the entire fetal procedures. After a good back-up for tires, maintenance centers should enter as soon as possible, the replacement of the tire burst.

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