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Automotive Dictionary: FR, FF, RR, MR

[date:2007-10-27] [zize:B M S]
The so-called drive form, is the engine driving wheel layout and the quantity, location form. We know that the general cars before and after the two rows of wheels, which directly by the engine-driven rotation, so as to promote (or pull) the progress of automobile wheels is the driving wheel. According to the engine in the vehicle location and driving wheel on the number, location, thus enabling a wide range of vehicle ownership-driven form.

Car drivers are generally below several forms: pre after flooding (FR), the front precursor (FF), after the home after flooding (RR), after flooding in the home (MR), four-wheel drive, which now is commonly used by civilian car after pre-refoulement (FR), the front precursor ( FF) form, the latest four-wheel-drive started in the form of a car, we briefly below on the first two drives form characteristics.

After Flooding previa (FR): After the so-called front drive, I mean front engine, rear-wheel-drive driven form. This is a traditional form of driving, people familiar with the Guangzhou Guangzhou Peugeot cars, is a typical front after flooding cars. Such forms of Car Driver, in charge of steering wheel before its mandate, rear-wheel drive to work. Engine power output through the clutch, transmission, drive shaft after the driver transported to the bridge, rear-wheel drive vehicle forward, with the words of the image is "pushing" the vehicle forward. After the front drive vehicles appeared to turn over easily when the situation.
Front after flooding advantages: four-wheel carry out their duties, and the drive to separate, high-speed stability, vehicles climbing ability, and more uniform load distribution.
After Flooding front shortcomings: the biggest shortcoming is due to the existence of drive shaft, intermediate uplift the car floor, the impact of the car space and layout, but also increase the weight of the vehicles, more links have also increased drive shaft power loss.
As front after flooding inherent shortcomings, in the majority of medium and small cars in the drive has not adopted this form, but most senior luxury sedan, for the sake of moving performance, still driven by this form, such as the full range of BMW cars.
Front precursor (FF): The so-called pre-precursor, refers to engine front, front-wheel-drive driven form. This is truly the 1970s before the rise and technically driven to perfect form, the majority of medium and small cars are driven using this form. Its transmission and drive axle caused the one that will be fixed in the next engine power directly transported to front-wheel drive vehicles forward, with the words of the image, is "pulling" the vehicle forward.
Front precursor advantages: simple operation body, engine cooling conditions are good; Inside a large space, easy layout; Frame no longer need to make room after the drive axle, can lower body height; Omit a long drive shaft, thereby reducing the vehicle weight, thus shortening the distance power transmission and reduce power - delivery loss.
Front precursor shortcomings: As the front axle and drive at the same time commitment to the work of high-speed instability; When driving wheel skid uphill easy, easy, high-speed downhill overturned.

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