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Driving knowledge pool

[date:2007-10-23] [zize:B M S]

Table of Contents

First, driving articles
1. Six cars started Trilogy
2. Driving Note 6
3. The correct transmission car driving 7
4. How do automatic halfway flameout 8
5. Teach you to drive fuel-efficient September 15 strokes
6. Proper use of the steering wheel 10
7. The use of engine throttle 11 points
8. Summer lane 10 - 12
9. 13 tips for the proper use of the clutch
11. Driving Skills 13
12. Car operation and energy-saving 15

13. How to both fuel efficient vehicles driving another beneficial to the environment 18
14. Driving means tire wear is the main cause undue 19
Second maintenance 19
1. Maintenance content cycle 19
2. Auto parts replacement cycle 21
3. Their hands conservation steps 25 car
4. Bought a new car after the first conservation can not perfunctory 25
5. Vehicle maintenance and guard against falling into the 26 Misunderstanding
6. Maintenance of a car engine, such as seven 27 Clutch
7. The two auto vehicle inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment, etc. 7 28
8. The No. 3 car maintenance items and norms 30
9. Item 32 of repair stations
10. Peacetime support all aspects of 33 vehicles
11. 37 basic car maintenance guide
12. 40 senior automotive maintenance of common sense
13. Two years to replace brake fluid 40
14. Chassis 41 sealed plastic conservation
15. Dynamic effects of the oil passing through dirty cleaning Circuit dismissed from maintenance bitter 41
16. Poor winter car use of the environment to do for your car 41 times thorough cleansing
17. Maintenance vehicles running-in stage 42
18. Day-to-day maintenance of common sense Buick car 43
19. Beverly car maintenance methods 45
20. Beverly cars of the day-to-day maintenance of 45
21. Import, domestic car maintenance costs compared 46
22. The cast do their own hands eight seasonal maintenance step 47
23. May 1 car ==== the preparatory work before 48 vehicles
24. 48 trips back then warranty
25. Holiday travel photopolymer return should do for your car comprehensive maintenance 49
26. The rainy season maintenance 50
27. Trilogy 51 cast cool summer
28. Summer day-to-day maintenance of 53
29. Summer-boil 54
30. Summer cooling to the car four bogey 54
31. Motorists traveling before, during and after how to conduct inspections and maintenance? 55
32. Interior maintenance 56
33. Conservation alloy wheels 56
34. How to prolong the life span of 56 Automotive Engine
35. Cleaning engine cooling system furring 57
36. Car Engine Overhaul 500,000 KM no solution ST 57
37. To maintain normal heart automobile engine carbon deposition of other neglected 60
38. Six car engine maintenance 61 points
39. Conservation prevent engine oil contamination 62
40. The engine lubrication life of 62
41. In accordance with the requirements of automotive brake fluid replacement of the traffic safety 63
42. Lubrication system maintenance 64
43. Two years to replace brake fluid 65
44. Oil Properties Some simple detection method oil absorption 66
45. Proper maintenance of automatic transmission 67
46. The proper use of automatic transmission oil longevity-68 Automatic Transmission
47. Automatic transmission oil change something 69
48. Remember when a routine car maintenance to ground handling 69 investigations Sanshui
49. Three filter routine car maintenance 70
50. Maintenance of clean air filter Part 70
51. The principle and fuel filter maintenance 71
52. Cleaning Circuit increase automobile power 71
53. Maintenance of oil chapter 71 choice
54. Maintenance drive shaft 75
55. Brake replacement cycle of 75 tablets
56. 75 braking systems
57. 76 daily conservation braking systems
58. The conservation automobile chassis 76
59. Flip detection and conservation 78
60. Automotive fuel tank cleaning method 79
61. 79 Weeks oil for security and peace
62. Auto Circuit and waterway maintenance 80
63. We Should automobile maintenance cleaning Circuit 80
64. EFI automotive intake system should conduct regular cleaning and maintenance 80
65. Air-conditioning maintenance 81
66. Automobile Air Conditioning: seasonal cleaning to be 81
67. Car Maintenance 82 appearance
68. Maintenance of waxing Part 83
69. Car comprehensive conservation - how to prevent auto components aging 84
70. To ensure quick repair scratches Please quality concerns of the five 86-up painting
71. How fast repair scratches 86
72. Rapid repair body scratches 87
73. Beauty autumn election to cast 87 closures glaze
74. A car waxing tips 88
75. The body interior cleaning windows knack 89
76. Let your car's center console maintain clean cleaning essentials 89
77. Car Maintenance 90 appearance
78. How to Check 90 compartments odor
79. 92 seats carpet maintenance
80. Spring cleaning inside 92
81. After the dust cleared 93 cars
82. For aluminum circle to be taken when traffic so as to avoid threats to the safety of 93
83. How to car tires for 93 pieces of new clothes
84. Power windows maintenance 94
85. Wiper - 95 regular checks
86. You will be washing 95?
87. Maintenance own hands clean of glass 96
88. During the car stop conservation measures 96
The third maintenance 97
1. How to choose the right car parts 97
2. How to identify fake and shoddy car parts 98
3. Innocence vehicle spend less money to the four main guard against deceptive 99
4. Point away from the vehicle when the vehicle chassis mechanical damage emergency able 100
5. Uniforms teach you how high the water temperature 100
6. Common Faults and prevention of automobile solutions 102
7. We must not underestimate vehicle suspension system 103
8. Car Fault forecast of 104 8
9. Listen and try to see, how to abnormal sound judgment Engine 105
10. Four common fault automobile air-conditioning in the 105 inspection and judgment
11. How judging from the automobile tire wear Fault 107
12. Festival of temperature checks to make sure the vehicle will be used 107
13. How to handle traffic outside the damaged 108 Battery
14. When the repair of motor vehicles must pay attention to the following points Sealing 108
15. The pneumatic braking system fault diagnosis 109
16. Hydraulic Brake System Fault Diagnosis 111
17. Simple battery fault diagnosis method 113
18. Instrument lights judgment by vehicle breakdowns 113
Fourth Article - 114 technical knowledge
1. About 114 Spark Plug
2. Proper use and maintenance of 115 Spark Plug
3. Automatic transmission (AT) use 116
4. Lubrication system for car engine life of 116
5. The factors affecting fuel consumption to see how complex automotive fuel consumption 117
6. Electric Glass of 117 movements
7. High vehicle fuel consumption - the three main factors 118
8. How to use the jack 119
9. The brake and tire maintenance on the traffic safety impact 119
10. Their hands for 119 tire
11. Oil and the classification of the different types of oil 120
12. Oil common sense 121
13. Society of oil-foot-121
14. Window cleaning 122
15. Auto detection technology portal (1) 123
16. Auto detection technology portal (2) 124
17. Auto detection technology portal (3) 126
18. Auto detection technology portal (4) 128
20. Motor fuel use knowledge (1) 129
21. Motor fuel use knowledge (2) 130
22. Motor fuel use knowledge (3) 131
23. Oil supply system of a car engine combustion chamber cleaning and maintenance 133
24. The basic vehicle structure  134
25. Horsepower, torque 135
26. Multi-valve engine 137
27. Gasoline Injection Engine 138
28. Car Suspension 139
29. Tire 140
30. The use of knowledge Tire 141
31. Valve body how to extend the life of 142
32. Cars dashboard assembly 143
33. Knowledge of English 144 car
34. What is the difference between SOHC DOHC 149 in the end
35. VDC, BAS, EBD is wonderful 149
36. ASR: Driver 150 anti-skid system
37. Ten proper use of 150 Battery
38. Mainframe, speakers, car stereo power amplifier with how Guide 151
39. Judging by appearance 152 automatic transmission condition
40. The use of oil additives skills 152
41. The use, conservation has knack 153
42. Automotive electrical and electronics part of the maintenance and maintenance (1) 155
43. Automotive electrical and electronics part of the maintenance and maintenance (2) 156
44. Under the opt-tank material Antifreezing Fluid 159
45. Diagnosis and treatment of leakage and vehicle handling 159
46. 160 maintenance-free batteries
47. Intensive use of 161 Battery
48. How to deal with damaged 162 Battery
49. Five Mistakes car batteries, 163
50. What to use 163 Battery
51. How to handle traffic outside the damaged 164 Battery
52. The noise abatement measures 164 sedan
53. The use of car stereos and after-sales service 165
54. Dynamic effects of the oil passing through dirty 165
55. Misunderstandings 166 car use
56. Attendant should carry tools 167
57. The engine vehicles to "cool down" 168
58. The choice of 168 bike
59. Why not suitable for modern traditional candle wax? 169
60. Waxing science 169
61. The classification of 170 bike
62. Under the hot season of maintenance and security vehicles traveling 171
63. Automatic transmission most of the faults were not timely 174 from cleaning
64. The body interior cleaning windows knack 174
The fifth chapter, chapter 175 insurance
1. How indemnity insurance 175
2. Quiz 177 car insurance
First, driving articles
1. Cars started Trilogy
Deciding New or Old regardless of the vehicle, the driver in the car first started to look at the three investigations launched, the life of the car will be extended good play. One look is to circle around the car, mainly to see the appearance and environment of motor vehicles mainly to see if the vehicle in front after the cars have obstructions, parking spaces on the ground have no suspicious stains or water-soaked, before and after it is damaged lamp assembly, tire pressure is enough gas.
The investigation is to learn about the oil and cooling water are adequate capacity before and after the lights are lights and instrumentation work is normal, mainly to check the technical state of vehicles dominated. Set off the hood, check out the oil-foot-high location of oil and whether it is normal, wring water Cover View water level is normal, because oil and engine cooling water is the "life protection shield," and they can easily go wrong engine problems and frequently check the oil and water situation is very necessary. Also do not forget to check the cooling fluid and brake fluid, the liquid storage tanks of liquid Most of these were transparent, clear. Then open the ignition keys to the location (not activated Engine), check all meters and the dashboard indicator is a reflection of normal. The opening followed the closure of small lights, headlamps, lights, fog lights, shift lights, failure lights, Reverse lights and brake lights, attach particular importance to the lights and brake lights, regardless of nights, the two signals is the most related to traffic safety, maintain good at any time in the state.
Three start, is the former two are normal circumstances start rotating engine ignition keys, each start-up time to not more than 10 seconds, here we should pay attention to cold start, the pressure to crisp throttle gradual to avoid a start on the accelerator to immediately increase dramatically improve engine speed, because when the crankshaft to cold start speed instant surge, oil too late transported to Bearing location, making it easy for Bush injury. After engine start, pay close attention to oil pressure, water temperature, rechargeable lights chips instrument or instruments of change, to be consistent with the normal instrument or instrument lights will be extinguished when the vehicle drove over a stall.

2. Driving attention to the matter
In accordance with the norms motorists, traffic safety is an important guarantee. Especially for new drivers, to develop good driving habits, lifelong benefit. When driving, you have the following of these bad habits?
To get round: when the car turning left or right hand-grip steering wheel, so to do so although the effort, but when the top event of vehicle, injuring the wrist will be vulnerable, especially when the back wheel, will be easily injured wrist, especially to round slow and prone to traffic accidents.
Long stampede Clutch: Some older drivers to easy, the new vehicle drivers fear flameout, never clutch his left leg, over time, can lead to burning clutch film paste, crankshaft thrust films, drive axle gear damage.
The Department of seat belts when driving: car drivers found that after commencement of a safety belt, so a walking steering wheel with one hand and pull the seat belt communities. Because of the uneven force at this time, vehicles vulnerable deviation.
Drive to find stalls: Some new driver shift, fear can not find their stalls will bow to see this movement extremely dangerous.
Driving distraction: rubbing eyes, Lawrence, to beat the indoor driving mosquitoes, after seats to touch things up, a cell phone, see pagers, pick up the goods and so on. These will happen to divert attention and traffic accidents.
The hands never stalls: drivers map uncomfortable, often one hand gripping the steering wheel, one hand to hold the stall, let us not mention the case of the situation to slow or car can not bump at the steering wheel grip, the weight of the body through the arms and hands to spread to stall, the longer this will cause instability sluice box gears bite, causing losses to the vehicles .
And there are lines such as, not set up to turn lights off taxiway, taxiway free, Meng stepped on the accelerator, brake or forget not pull loose cotton, and so on, are very bad habit. Driver friends, especially the new drivers, should start bit by bit, to develop good habits

3. The correct transmission car driving
After the switch to automatic transmission car, the driver of a more simple operation, driving more smoothly, a new type of automatic transmission equipped cars especially by the people's favor. However, many motorists early opening automatic car because of the structure and automatic transmission principle is not very understanding when it is a journey D completed the whole block, which would only stop when blocked by N and R, P block, the remaining Shift is useless, the driving force of the car and security is unfavorable. Therefore, in the car driving manual before we can understand its proper use to improve driving skills will be of great help.
The automatic transmission is generally 6 to 7 Shift, after they were previously arranged to. Respectively: P (parking block), R (reverse gear), N (gaps), D (forward block), but some progress in including block D, 3,2,1 block. Some models only three forward block Shift (D, 2,1), if the transmission equipment 28,200, and another to choose a speeding switch (O / D) connected to speeding block.
P N block and the block is the role of transmission from the engine and wheel operations. The difference is that the engine stopped operating when linked N block can be arbitrarily driven vehicles. Pegged P block, the use of mechanical locking pin in the drive shaft-lock transmission carcasses. Therefore, if the state downlink at the P-block drive vehicles, necessarily lead to automatic transmission casing damage, resulting in significant losses; At the same time, in the last downhill parking, it will not only block the use of P brake vehicles, but should firmly tighten apply the brake manually, so as not to block mechanical lock P excessive force Damaged .
P blocked vehicles only when the ignition switch can pull out the keys; Only at the P or N block retaining only when starter motor launch vehicle. P block is frequently used by start-up mode, N block starter for moving to eliminate cars. If moving to the engine suddenly stopped, traffic safety can be guaranteed in the case of carelessness grandmother moved to N block, and then re-start engine and restore normal operation.
Under normal circumstances, automatic transmission vehicles should be stopped in the selection of Shift, methods are: riding the brake pedal, select the required Shift (determined to use eyes, not just feeling), and then slowly release the brake pedal, according to choose the direction of the vehicle slowly starting. Reverse gear and forward block in the conversion of vehicles must stop for a state. The need to pay special attention to is: absolutely not linked to the wheel rotation, P block.
The role of forward block situation is more complicated: general automatic transmission with three-block two-and 28,200, 28,200, also known as speed gear, the English wording OVER DRIVE acronym O / D, and goes three guards, the guards or a block (also known as the L block). Shift set up their rules is: Shift downward compatible with high - and low-Shift not automatically upward shift. That is: If they choose to 28,200, the transmission can be in a block with 28,200 vehicles between the speed and under the conditions of use automatically choose reasonable Shift, automatic Shengdang, descending block. If they choose the block, a block and only in the block between Auto and can not soar above the block. Then, in engine speed will increase after speeding operation.
A block, the block engine braking functions are, therefore, when the traffic on the downhill path, the choice can be blocked in advance or a block, in order to make rational use engine braking, and to control vehicle with the accelerator pedal downhill speed. But in general and traveling uphill, recommend the use of D block, then can automatically select the ideal vehicle Shift without drivers worry about.
Traffic can be manually from low to high block retaining shift from the low block to block high-speed should be in a certain scale. That is: vehicles will be running in a few block to manual for the block. For example: not in the 90 km / h for the second gear, the transmission, at least at this time because the three guards running speed to be reduced to 50 km / h can be manually transferred the block. Similarly, for a block to speed to 20 km / h following conduct.
Some luxury cars increased options shifting patterns of features such as movement patterns (SPORT), the snow and ice road mode (ICE). Compared to the usual comfort mode, the mode of choice movement of vehicles will accelerate responsiveness to strengthen, but comfort, economic decline. Snow Road model reduces the vehicle traction, in the snow and ice to prevent wheel slip road when starter.
Also, pay attention to that is: if in a moving vehicle to a fault, which requires that the vehicle towing on, we must consider the Shift on the gaps. Towing speed of not more than 30 km / h, the total traveling distance of not more than 50 km to prevent transmission caused by lack functioning damage.
Therefore, the correct transmission car driving method is to bike on
Learn how to debate on the steering wheel fault
Steering wheel vehicles can not only control the direction, it can be identified fault, drivers may wish to pay more attention to the safety of the vehicles are good. First, traffic in hand numb. Over a medium-speed vehicles traveling speed, the chassis is cyclical ringing serious tremble at the room, and the doors, steering wheel strong vibration, until hands numb, as the direction of transmission Balancing destroyed, and spline shaft and the drive shaft and spline sets caused by excessive wear. Second is the heavy effort when steering. There are reasons to have different parts of the rolling bearing and sliding bearings with hard, adverse bearing lubrication to shift longitudinal rod, the horizontal rod for a hard ball - or lack, steering shaft and casing bending, resulting in card Lag; Before the beam front improper adjustment; Former palanquin or frame bending deformation; Tire gas under pressure, especially front tire. Third, it is difficult to manipulate the steering wheel. Moving or braking, automatic preference road vehicles direction of the side. To ensure linear traffic, forced to hold the steering wheel, causing the vehicle deviation reasons: either side of the front wheel specifications or pressure inconsistency, either side of the front wheel, after the inclination angle or not the same, either side of the front wheel bearings gap with inconsistency on both sides of the plate spring or elastic arch of inconsistency, the left both wheelbase difference too large, too small wheel brake gap stolen or brake drum circle, causing side brake card issuers, brake drag stagnation, such as uneven loading vehicles. Fourth, it is the direction of drift. Often Rocker by moving from the front wheel, when traffic reaches a certain speed, a steering wheel tremble or shimmy reasons: shaping a tire or tire repair damaged front wheel assembly balancing, drive shaft assembly parts are loose, drive shaft assembly Balancing destroyed, and shock absorber failure, leaf spring stiffness inconsistencies, the Department of mechanical wear loose steering, front wheel calibration misconduct.

Let steering wheel freer
First, make full use of the front of a marker (such as carts tank cover). When the object of reference or at the side of Middle Road, the vehicle should be able to feel that at this moment the correct location, or to determine a direction to the direction of the timing and extent size. Second, we must make full use of two Yuguang, overcome eyes look farther disregard near the front or near the middle, resulting in that direction late timing of the phenomenon. Third, develop not skew the front, moving the steering wheel on the other good habits. In that direction, the word should be timely, not too late, and the moderate rate, the general direction is to be back in earlier, and the extent to small, and then stabilize the steering wheel can be slightly forced. Fourth, the combination of site training in the timing and direction of rotation speed, such as 8 shaped, S-shaped and right-angle turn. Fifth, vehicles moving in the right to prevent the front right skewed, turn left to the steering wheel should be no travel clearance, will soon disappear in its left to the left hand to feel the location of vehicles at this time (that is, cars flu).

The steering wheel vibration disease prevention
Like many drivers holding the steering wheel drive Chek, plans a convenient easy, everyone knows, the long run to our health. As we all know, when the launch vehicle on the way or have different degrees of shock, and this vibration on human-productive. Scientific research shows that the long-term driving motor vehicles, due to the impact of vibration, resulting in decreased function of the nervous system, such as the conditioned reflex was inhibited, the nerve endings damaged, vibration McGREGOR, pain significantly decreased, and other features of the environment adaptability to changes in temperature decreased, so that also shook hands hyperhidrosis. nail crisp, a strong shock, the driver will feel arm muscle cramps, atrophy caused bone and joint changes, which have decalcification, the limitations of bone hyperplasia or deformation arthritis. Strong long-term vibration and noise to stimulate the body would autonomic dysfunction, nausea, insomnia and other symptoms. The driver will appear female menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, abortion, uterine prolapse, and other illnesses, medical vibration usually caused by diseases such as vibration disease. In order to prevent the occurrence of vibration disease, in the road when the driver must wear gloves or double cotton yarn thick gloves, and thereby reduce the direct hand contact with the steering wheel to cushion vehicles opponent and the vibration of the body, this must not be the driver negligence. In addition, it can be back in the driving seat or on the installation of flexible mat, or work slightly after a period of rest while, to relax the tense muscles and activities of the finger joints, and other methods, to prevent the occurrence of vibration disease.
7. The use of engine throttle points
Automobile engine throttle, generally relying on the pedals to control, also known as accelerator pedal is supplying fuel vehicle engine control devices.
The accelerator pedal manipulation should be riding on the right foot with the cab floor as a fulcrum, riding in the light feet on the accelerator pedal, the use of ankle flexion movement, or riding under relaxed. When riding release the accelerator pedal force, to a soft, light riding ease to carry.
Starting engine, not stamping on the accelerator pedal in the end, slightly higher than the idle throttle at all. At the start, should be slightly refueling point in the clutch linkage properly before, the throttle opening degree from small and medium better. Relax and stepped on the accelerator to clutch close coordination and agile.
Operations should be based on road conditions and the need to increase or decrease the actual throttle. Shift to choose the appropriate, most of the time the engine running at a medium speed and larger throttle to save fuel. Shift at the CSA oil, stamping on the clutch and stepped on the accelerator pedal to coordinate with.
Uphill car when the accelerator pedal may not trampled by low-speed block, the accelerator half under the general permit should be suitable. Auto-slope, nor the accelerator pedal riding in the end. If the car moving under three-quarters of the accelerator pedal and the engine riding are not a corresponding increase in speed, should be replaced Shift into low level, further depresses the accelerator pedal to accelerate.
Car stop flameout ago, should first-throttle pedal, not inside air throttle.
The essentials: light stamping on the ease wake of linear acceleration, gentle force, should not be too hasty, toe work, not suddenly shaking.
8. Summer traffic-10
Hot summer weather, high temperatures, not conducive to normal operation and locomotive driver health. To ensure traffic safety, the driver should pay attention to accomplish the following 10 defense:
One anti-body overheating: Summer high temperature environment, easily overheated engine. Therefore, the summer should be strengthened engine cooling system of inspection, maintenance and timely removal of water tanks, water sets the scale and radiator chip embedded between the debris; Seriously check Festival temperature, water pump, fan performance of the work, the damage should be repaired in time, while paying attention to readjust the tension of the fan belt ; add the timely cooling water. When the water temperature over 100 ° C, the parking should cool down, let engine idle operation, and opened the hood to facilitate heat dissipation. When boil water tanks, engine overheating, not to engine flameout (except motor-driven fan), but also an engine to cool down to prevent the body locomotive.
Second-fuel gas resistance: The higher the temperature, fuel (particularly gasoline) evaporation sooner, the more easily formed in the gas resistance in the Circuit. Therefore, the summer should be promptly cleaned fuel filter to ensure Circuit smooth; Lane will be a damp cloth covered in the fuel pump, and regularly spraying to keep moist and reduce gas resistance from arising. Once a gas resistance of fuel, should be immediately stopped and cooled down, and 16,000 hand pumps in the Circuit full of fuel.
Three defenses battery deficit water: high summer temperatures, the battery electrolyte water evaporation fast, liquid level drop quickly, or even plate exposed surface, resulting in loss of water and batteries early damage. Therefore, the summer should always check battery with liquid height, and the timely addition of distilled water to ensure normal surface height (normally 1015 mm) and the electrolyte density (summer is generally 1.24), the guarantee of batteries are in good working condition.
Four anti-Conversion: brake fluid in the high temperature environment of easy evaporation vaporization, in the brake pipe in a gas resistance, the brake shoes can easily ablation, causing failures. Therefore, the summer should promptly examine and adjust the braking system, the timely replacement of brake fluid or add completely Pai net hydraulic braking system of air, and to ensure that brake cup, the brake hose and brake shoes of intact, is found in the lane change soft brake pedal, the exhaust should be timely; Under the attention during the long slope parking curing cadres to ensure good braking performance; if found brake hub burning should stop cooling, but not poured pour cold water on to prevent the rupture of braking wheel.
Five anti-tires burst: the summer motorcycle tire pressure will increase as the temperature increased, which can easily lead a tire blowout accident. Therefore, before moving off should be appropriately reduced the tire pressure. If traffic in fetal temperature too high, the car will be parked in a timely manner the rest cool down, not to pour cold water on the approach used cool, otherwise easy-to-child widening fissure; Nor shall the method used gas cooling buck, or fetal temperature tire pressure will continue to rise.
Six anti-lubrication bad: high temperature, the viscosity of oil dropped, oxidation resistance deteriorate, causing adverse lubrication. Therefore, timely for the summer with high grade oil (such as ECA40), carry out regular checks of fuel oil quality, and timely addition or replacement; Timely maintenance cleaning oil filter, oil radiator to ensure smooth flow of oil, good heat dissipation, and to avoid engine overworking.
Seven anti-fever heat stroke: strong summer sunshine, high temperatures, the driver sweat, energy resources, and vulnerable to heat stroke. To prevent heat stroke, the maximum number of drivers in traffic en route before and should avoid eating spicy oily food, eat more fresh vegetables, drink more soft drinks and remember to add salt. To carried in water bottles and towels, and lead people by Dan, such as heat or drugs; Driving to maintain good indoor ventilation, and the way to rest.
Anti-8 engine deflagration: Engine overheating caused by deflagration, wear the top of the cylinder will increase 35 times. Therefore, prior to entering the combustion chamber summer, the valve top carbon deposition site a thorough clearance, so as to maintain good thermal and normal compression ratio. At the time of ignition is adjusted appropriately reduced ignition advance angle. The main oil needle carburetor adjustment, slightly dilute the mixture to prevent the formation of deflagration.
Nine anti-fatigue drowsiness: high summer temperatures, the driver insufficient sleep, in the easy road fatigue drowsiness. Therefore, before moving off to rest and assure adequate sleep, sooner or later the time to make full use of traffic in order to avoid traffic sleep habits. Lane felt when fatigue, symptoms, fatigue and other symptoms of hand-foot-powerless, should be immediately stopped and rest, or use cold water leaching Head, activities and legs, to be energy recovery, a clear head after traffic.
While 10-distress: in the hot weather, the dust on the road more, attachment coefficient decline in the asphalt asphalt surface under the softened sun exposure. Brake, the asphalt surface on wheels Nien was in the lift and reduce the braking performance. Drivers should be cautious driving. Attention should be paid to the roadside at night, sleeping in the cool of the bridge personnel to prevent the collision pressure. There crops through road resurfacing, should reduce the speed, not easily use braking to prevent yaw; Stacked should not touch the crops and equipment, and guard against the people in the meantime rest; And pay attention to the prevention of the stacking of people from across the road suddenly crop Reactor; After the passage should also check car parking oil row tracheal wrapped around whether the crops.

9. The proper use of clutch tips
No matter not stamping on the brake. The automobile clutch in the normal traffic, it is close engagement in the state, should have no clutch slip. In addition to driving the vehicle at the start, low-speed braking and shifting needs depresses clutch pedal, the rest of the time with nothing to do are not stamping on the brake or clutch pedal feet held to the last.
Driving feet held on time on the clutch pedal, it is easy for the slipping clutch, clutch-ablation, and other phenomena, so that even when serious pressure disc clutch, flywheel End ablation injury, leading to such clutch clamping spring annealing fault. At the same time, but also lead to cost oil, car costs, increase their costs.
Right at the start of operation. Riding out the clutch at the start of the operation Essentials is a fast, the slow, the three linkage. That is lifted at the beginning of the pedal quick lift; When the clutch when a semi-linkage (with the voice of this engine change), the pedal raised his slow speed; The linkage is fully integrated into the process, will pedal slowly lifted. The clutch pedal in the lift at the same time, according to engine size resistance gradually fall accelerator pedal so that the car smooth start.
The correct operation shift. In shifting in the road when the clutch pedal manipulation should be lifted quickly fall and not a semi-linked phenomenon, otherwise, would accelerate the clutch of wear and tear. In addition, operation and to be taken when the accelerator with. To enable smooth shifting, reducing transmission shift and clutch wear, promoting the use of two-shift clutch. Although this method more complicated operation, it is cheaper to drive cars in a good way.
When in the proper use of brakes. Automobile traffic, in addition to parking needs of low-speed brake shoes clutch pedal, the other circumstances are advised not to fall brake clutch pedal. Low-speed lane of the parking brake control method is to fall brake pedal, and then depresses the clutch pedal so that the vehicle to a smooth stop.

11. Driving Skills
Skilful driving skills, decided to play the performance of the car. If a driver for fun, is not one-sided pursuit of the vehicle configuration and performance, but through their own drive control skills, and give full play to car performance. Although its results were also vary from person to person, and the ability to understand different reaction of the differences, but strive to improve driving control techniques will not only help your car's performance stringent conservation, more related to their own and other people's security.
★ ★ ★ sitting novice friends sitting - often too forward, should be skilled in the seat slowly adjusted to the correct position. To release the brake pedal right light, the size of limbs for-Obtuse-Angle angle of about 120 degrees or greater, when the big bear in stamping on the leg was not completely straight, sufficient forces could stretch; Back position should not be too vertical, chest away from the steering wheel as far as possible, but easy access to guarantee the right hand shift the location of a five stalls Shift-head; the steering wheel in urban driving can be super high, long-distance driving can be placed at a lower position.
★ ★ ★ sight - should not have focused their attention on the immediate.
Urban areas should be open in front of 50 to 60 meters; High-speed roads should be in the line of sight 200 meters above; The road, often in front of several cars at the same time watching the operation; With the slow-moving vehicles at least through the rear before, to see the road, particularly in sections of bumpy road crashes; When necessary, the semi-wide queue a body, so as to understand the situation in front.
★ ★ ★ shift time (XL2K engine models and 8A):
According to the structure and the engine driving experience, the general urban traffic, should be maintained in engine speed to 2000 / sub-around. So, can give full play to balance economic dynamism and good fuel economy driving mode.
8 A 2000 rpm engine speed as follows counterparts.
Stall 1 at 15 km per hour.
2 stall at 26 kilometers per hour.
3 stalls at 38 kilometers per hour.
Four stalls at 56 kilometers per hour.
5 stalls at 68 kilometers per hour.
Under the engine stalls in the above, the speed of sound and feeling reasonably in seizing the opportunity to timely shift.
● Shift time is not over, but the best work of each stall condition (balance of fuel consumption and fixed 1) maintain. Shift reference purposes only, the need to reduce fuel consumption due early shift; The need to increase the power shift may be appropriately lag.
● 1 stalls for starting stalls, and Performance Gear tooth than the same, it is not appropriate sustained high-speed operation. Ordinary cars can be fixed after the inertia generated for the 2 stalls.
● Shift timely clear-cut and should not be dragging its feet. Riding the clutch pedal faster, leaving slower.
● avoid shifting gears after the engine speed becomes very low, in such instances, should be cut again stall, or even jumping by stalls.
● removable stalls, the first stamping on the brake or the accelerator again, it will slow down the engine speed.
● plus stalls, the first surcharging off-throttle again. Especially in the high-speed traffic shift.
● novice before starting, surcharging throttle a little, to about 1500 to the Engine / at around without speed table, as long as the seat of your pants, in accordance with fast at the same time, stop, slow release clutch pedal ease trilogy, the success of the package you.
● As small cars have gear synchronizer, it increases, reduce unnecessary use of stalls at the two-theoretically-off operation. However, in actual operation, by the use of two-stall off the manipulation reasonable increase on vehicles is very good for the (through Clutch operation feet, the speed will be two stalls become consistent and efficient synchronization extend the life ring gear and shift gears percussive sound to a minimum. 2 stall in particular operation Conversions 1 stalls, we must use off feet).
By stalls shouting empty oil from the legitimate feet ----
1. Fall clutch pedal, and removable stalls;
2. Decontrol clutch pedal, kicked air supply oil (depending on the speed before and after the shift change size
The decision to air the size of oil);
3. Fall clutch pedal, and by linking into the new stalls.
● shift timing of skilled degree of self-judgment:
Mobile car, the clutch pedal in the non-use of the premise, to be accurate according to the speed changes will be five stalls at will transform, and did not hear clearly Gear percussive sounds.
★ ★ ★ brake pedal - divided into active and passive braking engine braking deceleration in both normal traffic essentials:
● cope with the traffic in front, skilled use of gaps technology, engine speed brake control technology to reduce fuel consumption is to reduce brake wear and wheel relative safety factor is much higher than the sophisticated means emergency brake.
● left ample braking distance, light stamping on the brake pedal, gradually appropriate Afterburner (Enough is enough, in the front room guarantee that the vehicles can be stopped), we should not be trampled to death. The basic question is parked after (not yet complete halt be), then immediately relax brakes gently muffled. At this point you will find that, if the board put a bowl of water, sprinkling will not inverted, passengers even unconsciously, from the first call fadeaway no sense.

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