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How to improve your driving skills

[date:2007-10-23] [zize:B M S]
Sitting chapter
Sitting drive

Choose sitting, make sure its convenient location, the hands can be easily manipulated to all vehicle devices, feet can easily be stamping on the pedals all in the end.

The hands holding the steering wheel, and must not be too curved elbow extension is not too much, the two will affect the use of your arm muscles, increased use of the steering wheel sensitivity and difficulty. In driving, should maintain a relaxed sitting only in the case and avoid long-distance driving or severe fatigue easily.

Choose the right seats, easy to maintain the valuable assistance are standing, most of the modified with seats, plus a side of protection, even in rapid turn, also help motorists easily maintain proper driving position.

Driving vision

When driving, never put in to focus attention where the farther the better, because it allows you more time to react in front of the situation may occur, that is, you look at the farther the distance, there is a longer distance to prepare for the road ahead.

In order to increase the distance vision, we suggest that you should be sitting in the more vertical as possible, seating should also be raised to the highest position. Yang must not sit; The distance would be reduced vision, but also increased risk.

Bending Hill Road, and in the car market, we suggest that the vision of the way, the eyes focus on the next bend (or even under a bend under), but only with his eyes Yuguang at this bend to assist motorists. You will find that this method so that your reaction time is longer, at a faster pace.

Steering wheel grip

Grip the steering wheel, the application of force to be hands-on, not aligned to seize the steering wheel, moderate forces can be. Hold the steering wheel, elbows slightly bent. Choice of the steering wheel, should be fully surrounded by palms, is not too thick or too thin. Material, while personal comfortable patterns prevail, but bear in mind the steering wheel round he gone on for many years with the truth.

Intense summer and driving, palm-sweating, so please carefully choose the steering wheel material, the use of non-slip gloves or there is a security necessity. We propose to make use of that car leather gloves, leather absorbent lining and the material can also make it uncomfortable when you drive confidence.

To use the steering wheel

Power should be handed to the disc in two gently 10 minutes and 10 minutes bearings seize. A steering wheel should be single-handedly sent the other hand access; Turning to the primary hand. Remember not cross-handed, also an anti-fighting the steering wheel, not like a big truck-like steering wheel with the palm of your hand to push even if it seems relatively cool, but the way these three driving conditions will affect their response to emergencies. In case of the bends can be single-handedly removed, the other one hand and the steering wheel in order to avoid dual influence each other.

Stopping chapter

Use your brakes

Many people will tell you all kinds of braking mode, but in our view, only use the brakes to let you use the fastest speed stop, the only way to stop the rapid, you will have confidence in a quick, high-speed enjoy the fun.

Do not use the engine or gearbox to slow down, and that it was not the purpose of their design, the only way to the most effective stopping cars will slow down. Remember only in a straight line on the brake and slow down any action should be carried out in a straight line at the completion of the car, never to turn, particularly when cornering behind the stage steps on the brake.

Wheels Deadlock

When stamping on the brakes too heavy, the wheels have Deadlock phenomenon, which will not only make your stopping distance growth, but also lead to the steering wheel can not, can not turning vehicles. Stopping the correct stamping on the law is stamping on the strength to continue when enough, but also whether the wheels just Deadlock.

A good driving essential to the feeling between the pedal to predict whether tire Deadlock signs. If the wheel Layer Feedforward death, the brake pedal should be slightly relaxed, let resume rotating wheel, then the brake shoes. Another approach is anti-Deadlock in Deadlock wheels, continuous rapid release of stamping on the brakes, ABS imitation of action, although this increase stopping at the Institute of the distance, but QIE can avoid a lot of unexpected situation.

Most people in the event of sudden, we will instinctive to hitting the brakes, it will not stop the car down on his foot on the brake stamping on the more forcefully, to the foot from the brake lifted is totally contrary to human instinct, but this is the course that is a very important lesson - when conditions encountered absolutely should not indulge the plant brakes , in addition to practice stopping the rest of the straight-line method of the brake and find the shortest distance, but also the ultimate in braking distance of three-quarters of an obstacle to the creation, accelerated straight at the barrier and the brake, this practice can reduce your chances to deadlock the brakes.

Shift chapter

Make the best use of engine

To enjoy the fun of driving, you must use an engine. We should remember that each one has its largest engine horsepower and torque output, must be able to get the best acceleration, or in the most stable manner cornering, engine horsepower will be necessary for you to maintain its maximum output near. Generally, the four-cylinder car in volume production to about 5,000. If you are keen to cast regular operation, we must often change the oil, we recommend that you necessarily have to change the oil through SAE standards.

For high-grade

Many people think that the dramatic engine driving it must be open to the red line for the paper, in fact, the maximum engine torque output is not necessarily near the red line in, so do not be so. No special skills up-shift, as long as attention to the engine torque maximum output until the end of the document can be avoided for the engine speed torque maximum output fell outside the district, thereby reducing the strength of the car accelerated. The only shift upwards shift moves skilful and can be rapid.

For low-grade

Each stall because the different gear ratio, when you change from the high-end to low-grade (for example; 3-for-2) when the engine suddenly to the number will increase, it is because few gears and engine to turn a few non-anastomosis. This engine to a few sudden changes in the engine not only on the bad, and tug on the strength of the high-speed road vehicles would cause instability impact, and so we must try to avoid.

Avoid for the low-grade, the engine pull method as follows:

◎ stamping on the clutch, for free

◎ caving clutch

◎ Light stepped on the accelerator immediately after relax, depending on the number of existing speed and documents to the engine to increase the number to 400 1 1500

◎ rapid stamping on the clutch, completed downward shift, clutch release

The above steps is generally alleged that the double de一clutch

Heel toe action

But typically for low-grade, after the slowdown is also the time required, for example, to bend before the straight road into the brakes, at this time, right foot on the brake and accelerator must take account of the action, that is to say, his right foot on the brake must maintain the strength and solid light when stepped on the accelerator. Be careful here is planted in the brake pedal force must remain consistent and carefully deadlock. Therefore, at the same time avoiding for the low-grade deceleration when the engine pull method as follows:

◎ hitting the brakes

◎ stamping on the clutch, for free

◎ caving clutch

◎ right foot moves to maintain his foot on the brake, and with his right foot outer edge of which lies or front-end (toe), rapid stamping on the light, put the accelerator

◎ increase enough to identify a few engine

◎ rapid stamping on the clutch, completed downward shift, clutch release

The steps above the heel that is called toe action (Heel and Toe), and its main head is to slow down, and shift more smoothly, and has nothing to do with cornering skills.

Chapter turn and routes

Cornering radius

The friction tires and the ground is the only you to cornering forces, when you cornering speed and fast, and the ground and centrifugal force greater than the friction between the tires, your car is going to start slipping. Similarly a bend, if we go inside, they would have less cornering radius, but if I go outside in a line outside our radius will increase. Basically, the greater the radius, the more direct way can be allowed greater speed. Therefore, as far as possible detours will be straightened by rapid.


Many people misunderstood APEX vertex for bending, or bending the focal point, in fact it not. It refers to a bend when you have the time, and that bends inside the nearest point. In other words, because everyone driving different ways, the choice of routes is different, everyone's APEX also may be different, even with a bend, the same person opened, the location of two APEX is not the same.

Cutting back bends (Early APEX) - meaning APEX before the apex of the bend

In cutting bending (Mid APEX) - meaning APEX that is the apex of bend

Late cutting bending (Late APEX) - meaning APEX after the apex of the bend

Late cutting the benefits of bending

◎ night cutting bending the biggest benefit is that it provides the biggest buffer zone, relatively safe.

◎ night in a curved cut bends when an earlier refueling, so relatively quickly.

◎ night cutting bend radius is larger, faster.

Correct cornering process as follows:

◎ to use their experience and skills to judge the traffic, decided cornering speed, in a straight line into the bends before stopping, the completion of the brake and shift.

◎ into this as a bending of the bending before 1 / 3, turn the steering wheel to the brake balance and bit body. Brake slowly relax. This part should be turning in the slowest part of the story.

◎ cornering一弯middle 1 / 3, the steering wheel should be fixed position, stepped on the accelerator or brakes.

◎ the final bend a 1 / 3, returned to fight the steering wheel, a car is gradually, the increasingly heavy throttle.

APEX bending double

Some of the larger detours bends, in such circumstances we will bend there must be some two APEX

Continuous detours

When you have a series of detours, will not be possible in every corner we have with the above mentioned bending mode cornering night out, you must sacrifice a certain bending, and take the road less bending to the other can take the best route. Millions recall, after a longer period of bending straight road bends, it is more important to bend.

Less than one shift

Vehicles have to, but have not been fighting the steering wheel

When you turn the steering wheel and the car less than the degree you turn the steering wheel to the extent that we called understeer.

A oversteer

-- Tires are still a large number of vehicles turning straight forward but

When you turn the steering wheel and the car turning over the extent to the extent you turn the steering wheel, which we refer to as oversteer.

The ideal car

Each person's driving style different from the manipulative requirements are also different. To me personally, I like to shift into the bend slightly when inadequate, but at a moderate bend over to the car. According to the characteristics of a car usually vary, but in a certain degree of the suspension can be adjusted through to reach.

Crisis management chapter

Emergency braking

Bear in mind the contents of articles brakes, the brake must not be Deadlock. Let rolling wheels maintain a little to avoid the obstacles in the road.

Before stopping the use of a thought

If the brakes are usually the main reason, the car went out of control, absolutely, absolutely not hitting the brakes, it only will make you an instant completely out of control.

Vehicle skid

Usually understeer or bend too fast into the causes. Absolutely, absolutely not hitting the brakes. First-swap slowly throttle, while the front of the steering wheel to the direction of a skid (not too many), and other front wheel rotation resume immediately return a small steering wheel and refueling door.

Rear skid

Usually to excessive or too fast is because the bend. Absolutely, absolutely not hitting the brakes. First slowly stepped on the accelerator, while steering wheel in the direction to the rear skid playing (not too many), and other vehicles resumed control, and stop skid, and immediately returned to a small steering wheel refueling door.

Four-wheel skid

Congratulations to you, your car has to play to the limit, but how to stop? The first is absolutely, absolutely not hitting the brakes. First-swap throttle slowly and not move the steering wheel and other car to stop skid immediately refueling forward.

Vehicles swing \ r

Usually vehicles cornering or manipulation was not smooth cornering too fast reluctantly as a result we must not loose throttle, it is best you can violate some instinct increase throttle, and will be expected to rear rejection to the direction, prior to which direction the steering wheel to play. Absolutely Remember, not hitting the brakes in such a situation his foot on the brake, the car is flying out the road.

Car Part


The car is very fun, very easy to attract people to input, but it also spent considerable money and energy on the most effective ways to maximize the fun that require proper planning.

The domestic car:

Go Kart (karting)

Although known as the small car, but the full sense of speed. This is a lot of first-class abroad by the open driver entry vehicles. The world is like a game, as is the official car. Some 150,000 a new car, but Yi Xiang, a rental car market, down 10 2001 than in spending 40,000 yuan, is the cheapest car.

Formula CamPus (Renault Campus 140Occ Formula One)

By TlS car rental market, every game 40,000 yuan, domestic car near Fl (although also a big difference distance), fixed asphalt on the runway beat competition.

The race Saloon Road Racing

General car on the road running on the asphalt modified fixed after beating competition on the runway, at different levels of CC entries, on the degree of modification and modified the original group. Due to keen competition to obtain champion in the modified spending around 600,000, every game costs about 40,000 yuan, but if only fun, less than 100,000 yuan can be converted end gallop.

Rally cross country

General car on the road running on the general closure After being refitted competition on the road to the starting-spacing than is the driver of the challenges facing the traffic to the shortest time to complete the section of the human wins. Such competitions are usually responsible for the car while a co-pilot reported navigation road work.

Driving famous chapter

'Faster' Etsuyori

Regardless of cornering or braking or acceleration should focus on the car ride, any sudden or rapid manipulation of the vehicles will make an adverse effect on balance, slow down the pace car.

'If you do not turn your car is not quick enough on the open'

This is the famous racing industry, if you do not exceed their limit, you never know where their limit. Limit identify themselves and the way to do this is to constantly take the risk.

'Expected' reaction car

On everything from the hood ball experience, we will find that if it has found its way into one of the ball when we amended the car, it had already too 848-1265, so must make it a faster, opened with, we must first be able to predict the next car moves, in this movement has not occurred before the amendments have been completed.

'Stopping time on the less; The more time on the throttle '

Pedal to the metal in the end and the longer the time, the faster you, on the contrary, the time spent on stopping the less so, the speed is faster. Therefore, the use of the accelerator and the brake, it is necessary to the pursuit of faster, the use of the brakes and throttle to decisive stamping on in the end! Avoid! Flaps accelerator or brakes.

With all the 'road'

Both the safe driving or high-speed driving, the use of the available road as far as possible, in order to enhance your safety and speed (on the highway driving, the use of all roads means you can use the lane roads, non-means arbitrary transform lane).

'See' the faster the farther

Look at the more distant, the reaction time will be the longer one, you have to allow faster driving.

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