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The party's 17 major ideological reporting 3 (latest)

[date:2007-10-21] [zize:B M S]
Learning the spirit of the ideological reporting 17
        Comrade Hu Jintao on behalf of the first Central Committee report to the General Assembly by the Every Word sentence also reverberate in their minds - to calm agitated mood, the deputies first time bare thinking: "our confidence of the future!"

"Report a clear-cut, rich content, profound thought." GE representatives said Hung Lin, the report made by Comrade Hu Jintao of China's development comprehensively grasp the historical position, and scientifically portrays China's reform, opening up and socialist modernization construction and development prospects for our party to the world, and not in the Political Declaration, is to continue to lead the people of all nationalities throughout the country for the realization of the comprehensive construction of a well-off society and strive in unity objectives of the Program of Action. Comrade Hu Jintao presented in the report coordinating urban and rural development, economic and social development in urban and rural areas formed new pattern of integration of the important spirit, we are encouraged by listening more cordial, more determined confidence. In recent years, the Chengdu promote coordination of urban and rural, "four-in-one" scientific development of practice and exploration in full compliance with Comrade Hu Jintao made by the spirit of the report, in line with the actual Chengdu. We must act in accordance with the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and provincial party committee and government requirements to the scientific concept of development taking overall social and economic development, accelerate the building of Chengdu Experimental Zone, promote the development of urban and rural areas with a total of prosperity. Chengdu will advance the realization of the goal of comprehensive well-off society!

"Comrade Hu Jintao's report accurately grasp the pulse of the times, rallied the party's wisdom, strategic, all-embracing, is the history of the development of Marxism in a brilliant literature." Out of the Great Hall, the small representative breath said a lot. He said that five years ago the Second Deyang heavy East, Fan it, East steam output, and other equipment manufacturing enterprises are still retains lingering, now billions of each output, relying on a core competitiveness in the international competition strong enterprises. 17 large to continue to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry as a key development, we are confident accordance with the party's direction guided by the 17 largest of the building into a world Deyang competitive country equipment manufacturing base.

"Adhere to the scientific development, promote social harmony and who strive to reform and innovation, focusing on improving people's livelihood!" More than two hours of the report, representatives of Tan hearts so as to form 4 profound experience. He said that the report of the scientific development concept connotations of the most comprehensive, the most profound and most distinctive summary. Profoundly pointed out that no scientific development will be no social harmony, and social harmony is not difficult to achieve scientific development, the building of a harmonious society upgrading to a new strategic height. The cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics put forward is the cause of reform and innovation, the party must stand in the forefront of the times and lead the people to continually open up new prospects for the development of the cause. In order to improve the people's livelihood as the focus of the social construction of six major tasks deployment. Report these impressive thinking of the next step of our work is a guide to action.

Woodward representative excitedly said, the report made by Comrade Hu Jintao, a strategic, a clear theme, whether it is an analysis of the current situation faced by China and the problem is still the deployment of the next five years of reform and development, in line with China's national conditions, but also conforms to the aspirations of ordinary people, with strong guidance and appeal. . Woodward reports is the deepest impression on the people's livelihood concern: "report has made to improve the people's livelihood accelerating focus on the social development of six major tasks: give priority to developing education and to promote educational equity; The implementation of the development strategy of expanding employment; Deepening the reform of income distribution system and increase the income of residents in urban and rural areas; Plus fast coverage of urban and rural residents to establish a social security system ... issues concerning the immediate interests of the people Fan it, pieces of warm human characters, fully embody our party's people-oriented and govern for the people's ideas! "
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