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Mark War Victory speech (patriotic speech)

[date:2007-10-20] [zize:B M S]
To continue to uphold and carry forward the spirit of self-sufficiency of the Anti-Japanese War - Commemorating the 60th anniversary of victory in the Anti-Japanese War to the distinguished leadership, colleagues, today the main camp activities of the small people Good afternoon, everyone! The topic of my presentation today is "to continue to uphold and carry forward the spirit of self-sufficiency of the war." Sixty years ago, when the Chinese nation eventually win a complete victory in the Anti-Japanese War, the War of Resistance blood thermal stress, in a spirit of history into frames and starry eternal. Although I and our generation did not personally experienced the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan that part of the most difficult days, just from the movies in the TV series have seen the terrible, tragic Ai red all the moving and tragic picture, I could not help the tears. I am excited, I indignation, it is because Japanese militarism in our great mother who committed atrocities; Fortunately, I am grateful that this is because the Chinese Communist Party has. Let us look back on that period of history. 68 before midsummer, the fire ignited Anti-Japanese War. The critical moment of national survival, Army ended, adaptation, the government accepted the National Military Commission command, the rapid move to the anti-Japanese frontline. This is a disparity between the strength of the war: in 1937, Japan with an annual output of 5.8 million tons of steel, 1,580 aircraft, 330 tanks, 740 artillery. At that time, China's steel output only 40,000 tons, MIC weak, and only some light weapons production ... communists in the team not only have to face on such a large gap between the two countries, but also a moment of vigilance by the Kuomintang reactionaries conspiracy and engaging in petty actions, and even when still facing many hungry the dilemma, in such a difficult predicament, the communist Red Army is not afraid expeditionary difficult to carry forward the spirit of self-reliance adhere to self-improvement, led the Chinese people to carry out protracted resistance, the use of mobile warfare, the battlefield RUF, guerrilla warfare, tunnel warfare, and mine warfare, sparrow warfare, and other methods of warfare, so few Millions of troops into the vast ocean of the people's war. According to historical records Stalemate stage of the 1939-1941 Sino-Japanese War, China battlefield contain most of the Japanese Army's strength, as 83% in 1939, to 78% in 1940, to 70% in 1941. Thus crushed the German, Italian and Japanese fascists Union composed of the dream of dominating the world, no doubt on the victory of the world anti-fascist war has made an important contribution. In the course of the war, the Chinese people have always filled with the confidence to win, not afraid of sacrifice or difficulty, defying a strong enemy, consistently hard and bitter struggle. In particular, the enemy's rear area bases of large-scale production campaign, "his hands and clothing," "determined, defying death, overcome all difficulties, to fight for victory", it was this great spirit of self-confidence and self-improvement, so that the Chinese nation has finally adhere to in the end and ushered in the war of resistance against Japan great victory. 60, in the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a crucial period. The spirit of the great war of resistance clearly tell us: one heart and one mind, self-reliance, hard work, tenacity and the courage to victory in the Chinese Communist Party, under the leadership of the Chinese nation not only can beat any foreign aggression, it will overcome all difficulties and obstacles and achieve the great rejuvenation of the nation. As builders of the socialist cause, as an ordinary railway workers, at the present stage of our country's foundation is still comparatively weak conditions, we should continue to uphold and carry forward the spirit of self-sufficiency of the war, efforts to study the research of advanced technologies, work hard, work ingeniously, let us work together for the inter-railway Vietnam-style development and make greater contribution to! (End)

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