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cherish efficient utilization

[date:2007-10-20] [zize:B M S]
Cherish the efficient use of the period in particular, the creation of special achievements teachers, students: Today, I address the topic: "cherish the efficient use of the period in particular, the creation of special achievements." Spring mighty, the people gone, in 2001, she Heiner all rivers in China to the breadth of vision and all-conquering spirit, she outshines others in the economic and localities event, the world has passed the first year of this century. People Qin Chun earlier, now, the river is thawing in the recovery of the earth reported to spring; Green is the weeping willow in Tuha pedestrian was rushed spring; Our beautiful campus guide the camellia is also open to all teachers and students convey the message spring. Experienced proud of this year, it inspired spent the spring, students of the respective school, the teachers for their respective undertakings, everyone has again in the beautiful campus happily together. Recalling this winter vacation, we are pleased to sum up: This is our school teachers and students in the school's requirements and arrangements, spent a common civilization and harmony, happiness health, safety smooth winter vacation. Over the past year, the students have increased by more than one-year-old age, have more ideological and ethical quality of the acts of self-discipline and further improve the ability to further improve. Through inspection class Moral Education Department submitted to the "Message to parents." Provided by the teacher and class teacher winter vacation reflect the lives of students written information, we are pleased to discover that, after the Spring Festival Activities of baptism, most students ideological sense, the concept of enhanced young; Words and deeds behavior the civilized self-discipline, and taking pleasure in helping others increased good: more than 1,000 students in the school, none of criminal incidents, as opposed to more students to take full advantage of the holiday to their own rechargeable laying the foundation, a high-class 2 Wu Tao, such as high C-students out of time in the "mechanical basis" own in a lot of subjects under the best of the kung fu; 00 foreign trade in professional Shen Jinhua February 8; visit to the childless elderly people, and their mothers and in the February 16 to help elderly neighbors laundry; 00 computer-matriculation classes Pepper, R., the students took the initiative to help the neighborhood cleaning; 99 Xu Feng, and other storage classes to the students to help childless elderly people do housework, for the childless elderly people send chaos; 00 foreign trade CHEN Wei-dong, 00 computer matriculation classes Kai-Qi Ye, Li Wen-Qin, 99 to certificates Chien-Yu Lu, 01 by the British classes Xiao Ling, Wang Hui, Huang Jin-thin 00 cooking classes and the students have to take the initiative in advancing the community, obligations to participate in social practice activities, exercise capacity and increased exposure; Cai-Ping Wang of the 99 students in the February 15 to Zhangjiagang City obligation to the Red Cross Blood Donor 200 ml blood, blood to the Red Cross in our school sent a warm letter of thanks; with 99 of Nagymaros Chunhua pick up of nearly 200 yuan with the cash purse, handed over Moral Education Department initiative. From these students, who we see is a proactive, taking pleasure in helping others and practice, being ready to sacrifice himself, excellent mental outlook. They have been using their health and noble act, the level of our students in the group erected a bright image of the banner. Their behavior and the behavior shown in the spirit, we should learn from Lei Feng in March this activity on the theme of fostering new practices, be more thorough, more durable and more extensive practice and carry forward.一年之计in the spring and this spring, the beginning of the new semester, I was in Hong Kong deputies to the school last semester of school, which is a distinctive essence of the other semester there is a vision of hope filled with the semester; The opportunity is a challenge facing the semester; A link between past and future is worth treasuring semester. Because spent this semester, we will enter Yang homes towards urban areas, we will join in the history of the school opened a new page in its transition from rural to urban schools sponsoring the historic leap. Teachers, students, and there is no end to the front, we immediately. After toward urban areas, we will have more better and more open more comprehensive information environment, environmental education, human environment, competitive atmosphere and development opportunities. We will certainly be at a higher level, a broader platform and healthy development, steady progress. Further upgrade the status of schools, schools for the further development of the quality is bound to stimulate and promote every students progress and development will certainly bring more people will postgraduate opportunities, training and job opportunities, it can be considered: to move into urban schools, to bring the students will be more broad prospects, will be an even more colorful learning experience. Almost all of them yearn for cities, where high grade yearn for high-quality urban life, where high starting point for high efficiency long for the learning environment, and now, we have such a longing to be in the hands of these people into a reality, we have no reason to be jubilant excitement proud. However, we must also look at the immediate reason to work and learning, where the only one semester treasured, it is worth every one of us cherish and efficient utilization. This summer, we are a high profile country and spiritedly as we move into the urban areas, or to a standstill, the average hint situation relocated to the urban areas, or was mediocre Wu Yen squeezed into the urban blush; We must focus on the work of this semester, we see how everyone is working and learning. Special semester, the excessive special, special background, special expectations, demands that we all work only in an advanced, full harvest, this is my school in the current situation of a specific urgent needs. To that end I would like to draw all students towards enhancing the sense of honor and pride in the urban areas, enhance self-management and self-enhancement of the sense of urgency and mission, cherish, and efficient use of this special semester, a special commemorative significance of the effective time, and consciously take the initiative to improve their ethical level, knowledge level and acts of quality, creating a more civilized and law-abiding self-work, especially for schools in the period to create special achievements and efforts. Thank you!

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