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Celebrate its 86 anniversary speech

[date:2007-10-20] [zize:B M S]
An area of Kyushu, and great country, a broad array of 5,000 years of history and culture. Sons and daughters of China, with their diligence and wisdom, built - Han Tang, leading world position thousands of years, how scenery? Until the Opium War broke out, toothfish artillery cannons abroad, China became a feudal society. Imperial powers of the raging China, ransacking Choi TREASURE RAIDERS and unscrupulous lengths, the state suffered, the road was boundless, and the Chinese people in dire straits. At this critical juncture, is the Communist Party of China led by Mao Zedong raised the light to brighten the prospects of the Chinese to guide the Chinese people to overthrow imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism three pressure in the heads of the people of the mountains and founded the new China, the Tiananmen rostrum of a "Chinese people people stand up! "rings out throughout the world, the world once again heard the voice of the Chinese nation. However, after 100 years of Chinese glaring looted sores heal, all trades are spent. Countries have to rebuild, the nation needs rejuvenation. The Chinese Communist Party has led the people throughout the country, began building homes historical journey. In building the road, in the party's left-leaning under the influence of the wrong road, we have also experienced twists and turns, has traversed detour, have stagnated. China's social productive forces, lack of development and construction projects bleak prospects. But the Communist Party of China, after all, is a world's scientific theories as a guide, to constantly test his practice to continuously develop and make improvements party. The Third Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, and again in our road ahead to raise the light and timely restoration of order, to re-establish the party's basic line, and led the people promoting reform, opening up, modernization, "to the late 1980s, doubling the gross domestic product, solve problems in people the problem of food and clothing; the end of the 20th century, again doubling GDP, and the people a comfortable standard of living; by the mid-21st century, the domestic per capita income level of a moderately developed country "of the" three-step "strategy steps. Since then, the country's construction back on the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the road, and achieved great achievements of world. From 1979 to 1989, China's gross domestic economy to achieve double solved the problem of food and clothing for the people, to the end of the 20th century, the gross domestic product has quadrupled, reaching 9.5933 trillion yuan, total economic output has leapt to sixth in the world. Particularly since 1989 since the last 10 years, China's comprehensive national strength has greatly jumped, and the people enjoy the benefits the most, our society long-term stability and unity and the harmonious international influence significantly expanded greatly enhance national cohesion. Hong Kong, Macao's return to the embrace of the motherland, a century-old humiliation totally swept away, the Chinese nation to ASSET PLAY. All this did not come easily, we can not do without a high degree of unity of the party can not do without the whole party and all the Chinese people's tenacious struggle, and even less from the Party's basic theory, basic line and basic program, the correct guidelines, it is Head of Zhu, there is no doubt iron fact. In the past 20 years of reform and opening up in the practice of reform, opening up, from the beginning of the establishment of special economic zones, coastal provinces to deepen the reform from the planned economy began to break a commodity economy and the integration of the planned economy, to implement the principle of establishing a market economy, from the establishment of the Shanghai Pudong Development Zone and the western development the implementation of the strategy. Our step-by-step, the step to a new level, the sustained, rapid growth, 1989 to 2001, an average annual rate of 9.3%, close to the world average growth rate of three times that of its rapid development and staying power of the strong, so that the world admired! Regional economic development from coastal areas to inland Guangdong comprehensive Man opened gradually, gradually people out of poverty, and in general has reached a well-off level, which have been comprehensively building a well-off society ahead! If these are too abstract, then please take a look at our Chenghai! Only local highway district as an example, in 1979, the local highway Chenghai all the poor road conditions sand Road, one to rainy weather, road bumps, they simply could not opening, many villages have not even Highway, Highway Maintenance rely solely on manual labor. By 1989, local highway mileage reached 129 km, cement and asphalt roads reached a 11 km road, highway maintenance operations from purely manual to semi-mechanization. By 2000, local highway mileage reached 324 km, of which 187 km cement road, Grade II Super Highway 2 km from zero to 83 km, highway maintenance work has been basically achieved mechanization. This change, it is obvious that from 1989-2000 the decade, the highway mileage not only an increase of nearly tripled, and the quality is significantly improved and achieved leapfrog development. Where does this come from? Is the Party's basic theory, basic line and basic program guidance, is the transportation department closely follow the pace, closely rely on the masses, through the joint efforts of all the results achieved! Today, the transport system is also colleagues for building a well-off society, Chenghai economic development, improve the investment environment in Chenghai, Chenghai transport actively develop and work hard! Practice has proved that China is the Communist Party of China always represents the fundamental interests of the people, is the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on the pilot lights! Today, both sides of the strait have not yet been reunified, the international community very unstable, the international situation is complicated and changeable, hostile forces are still eyeing, the slowdown in world economic development. China's market economy has just established, is very imperfect and the country's economic development is still uneven, we are still facing great difficulties, the road ahead will not be smooth, rejuvenation of the Chinese nation still has a long way to go. How to clear away the many advances fog? The 16th National Party Congress pointed out the direction to us for our new century, the road ahead turn on the light, we must hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory, fully implement the "Three Represents" important thought and the future, advance with the times, building a well-off society and accelerating socialist modernization , and creating new prospects for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and strive. Only under the leadership of the Communist Party, we can be the cause of building thriving, many difficulties could be overcome, in our building a well-off society, we must continue to adhere to the Party's basic theory, basic line and basic program task, it is our continued as a guarantee for victory! We firmly believe that, under the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee, the Party's basic theory, basic line and basic program under the guidance along the road of building socialism with Chinese characteristics continue to move forward, our goal will definitely be able to achieve, by the middle of this century, China will stand firmly in the power of Lin, L. nation will be able, in the nation in the world and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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