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17 great learning experience sharing

[date:2007-10-18] [zize:B M S]
We must adhere to the people-centered. Serving the people wholeheartedly is the party's fundamental purpose, the party's struggle and work are all for the benefit of the people. We should always put realize, safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of the majority of the people of the party and the country as all the starting and destination points of respecting the people's status as the mainstay, the role of the creative spirit and protect the rights and interests of the people, the road to common prosperity, and promoting all-round human development, development for the people, rely on the development of the people, by the people share the fruits of development.

--- From the first Comrade Hu Jintao on behalf of the party's Central Committee to the report rang out 17

I hope that more "gold collar" emerged 



Deng Jianjun

Black Peony Changzhou, Jiangsu Province (Group) Co., Ltd. skilled workers

In Changzhou, Jiangsu, Deng Jianjun is a capable person, even in the textile industry, secretarial it Deng Jianjun all the names should not be underestimated is. Deng Jianjun core technology developed independently "dye composition control system," and to realize staining control of a computer, in addition to solving the long standing problem of denim production process color, and effective reduction of the emission of pollutants, to fill the world in the field of textile technology a blank.

In recent days, the independent innovation Deng Jianjun most interested in the topic, that the enhancement of the capability of independent innovation as the strategic support development of the national economy, accelerate the achievement of investment-driven to innovation-driven, relying on scientific and technological resources to rely on the changes very much in line with the country's current development needs. "Technological Innovation on the survival and development of enterprises", where his own company as an example: "We are emerging from the low degree of competition for the company's problems, the technical research and development and the introduction of technology and equipment has expended a great deal of material and financial resources to produce high value-added products, and enhance the enterprise City market competitiveness. "

Big 17 in the report, to accelerate the establishment of enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, integration of production and research of technological innovation system. As part of a skilled workers, Deng Jianjun deeply feel the core technology competitiveness of the enterprises of importance: "In recent years, I and our team members practice in the production of imported equipment digestion and absorption of advanced technologies, while working to develop their own technologies. In 2005, we develop skilled workers with the patented item authorized to build the core competitiveness of enterprises have made contributions. "

Deng Jianjun special mention, his enterprise came up with a 10 million yuan and Changzhou City Federation of Trade Unions jointly set up a "blue-collar Changzhou City of the incentive fund" to encourage and reward the Changzhou technology blue-collar elite. Deng Jianjun there is a hope that governments, enterprises and the community work together to provide the community more outstanding workers. "We have 70 million industrial workers in the country, senior technicians account for only 3.5%, 40% and the developed countries the ratio varies widely. I am willing to have emerged more of our country the "gold collar" When good paving stones, leading people do! "

To provide customers with the high standards of service of humanity


Beijing apartment buildings Limited salesperson

"As a grass-roots party members, I am able to participate in 17 major incomparably glorious. Election to the 17 delegates, I met colleagues, friends and relatives, in the words of the national party have revealed the special admiration. Not only was I impressed them, but also felt that they there were a lot of responsibilities and obligations. I will conscientiously fulfill my rights and obligations. "Beijing apartment buildings Limited sales representative Meng told reporters.

In 1990, 21-year-old apartment building products Meng become a saleswoman Department. She had telephone counters一干is 11, but still do a solid job in their work. In her view, any one post, as long as you are willing to study, the total of not knowledge. No matter what is being done, the most fundamental is life. Even the best business and personal character, not to be persuasive.

Representatives for the responsibility, Meng has been considering how to fulfill the duties of the representative. To prepare for the will, she read a lot of the party building, and the party's line, principles and policies in the material. She said: "I was in Beijing a representative of commercial areas in the commercial aspects need to reflect the situation, I would seriously consider."

She said that the world will be convened next year, the Beijing Olympics, the company is both an opportunity and a challenge. Seize the Olympic business opportunities through the sale of Olympic products to the market bright spots, this is an opportunity; But coping with the complicated business competition and the flow of talent is inevitable challenges.

As a salesperson, she said she will build their own posts with Columbia House, "for the soul of virtue, people-oriented" service concept, "dedicated customer service to customers as their loved ones, do not tire about what, a hundred could not trouble, to provide customers with a higher standard of humanity services; strengthening English Olympics, the Olympic etiquette knowledge of the Olympic Games and learning, vying for learning-oriented talent, preparation for the 2008 Olympics, Paralympics and the 2010 World Expo, the development of the capital and make their contribution. "she said.

"Without the scientific development concept, we will not today"


Liusheng Friends

Tianjin days spinning Investment Holdings Limited Equipment Engineers

From ordinary grew up protection for the equipment engineers Liusheng Friends said: "I represent the forefront of industry members attended the party's 17th largest. Over the years, the motherland's modernization drive the focus of world attention, we Tianjin economic and social development and broad prospects are looking forward to. Tianjin Textile through restructuring, technological innovation, has transformed itself - changes, the textile industry was very proud of the vast majority of workers. "

Liusheng Friends of the implementation of the scientific concept of development impressed you most. A few years ago, the Tianjin Textile recession, heavy burden of debt, the state made a decision on transformation of old enterprises, the implementation of strategic eastward shift of the cotton spinning industry in the free trade zone set up new plants, add first-class equipment, enterprises be able to completely rejuvenated. Liusheng Friends said: "Now efficiency is not better than before in a Star whatsoever. No scientific concept of development, no industrial upgrading, there will be no Tianjin Textile today. "

Speaking of the spirit of enterprise workers now went, Liusheng Friends very proudly: "We enterprises to promote" four gas spirit "- the domineering Wing contending for first place, the pride contempt difficult, daring to fight and win the ambition and unite them popularity, also proposed" first-class equipment, technology leadership, the management rationale modern, new mechanisms, the high-grade products "slogans, all the confidence in the future development of enterprises."

Enterprises must develop, new equipment, technology lags behind not. As equipment engineers, Liusheng Friends know that learning new skills important: "Now the factory workers are aware of the need to"精一doors will be two, of three, "the enthusiasm of a high school technology. Unions also organized workers to offer suggestions on the development of enterprises, to rationalize the proposals, engage in technology race. "

The general secretary's report, a Tianjin mentioned that we should give better play in the Tianjin Binhai New Area of reform and opening up and independent innovation in an important role. Liusheng Friends said: "This overwhelming majority of the working masses of Tianjin is encouraging, we will rode 17 big victories at the Dongfeng to further accelerate the development, improve the quality of contributions to the prosperity and strength of Tianjin."

"Knowledge blue-collar" Talent is the same


Zheng - long first in Tangshan Iron and Steel Corporation steelmaking furnace steel-rolling plant

Cheng was born in 1970-long, 17 large Hebei Province is the youngest representatives of the delegation, is also the only representative of the industrial workers.

Long-Cheng described himself as "excited and happy feelings into the Great Hall of the secretarial it", we know very well that this honor belongs to the broad masses of workers in the forefront, are Tangshan Steel 50,000 workers.

As a first-line industrial workers, Zheng has been concerned about long-enterprise "knowledge blue collar" training. Long-Cheng noted that, the general secretary in the report referred to speed up the transformation of economic development, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, said that a number of "changes", including "by the mainly rely on increased consumption of material resources to rely mainly on scientific and technological progress, improving the quality of workers, changes in management innovation "---" improve the quality of workers, including front-line workers have to improve their operating skills, "Zheng - long understood this.

"New workers should be knowledge-based, skills-based workers. Workers previously mentioned is "a strong, streaming with sweat" and that the cultures and of course the fine tradition of succession, but the new workers should use new knowledge and new skills to equip themselves and improve themselves and become experts workers. "

To this end, he is very grateful for the cultivation of Tangshan Steel enterprises. Not long ago, the long-Cheng Tang Steel was named "chief operating skills experts" and the enjoyment of middle-ranking cadre treatment. "Frontline workers can When experts", which caused great shock within the enterprise. Extra-long Zheng said: "We enterprise unions have been organized annually contest of technology and labor emulation, which raise the level of the operation of the frontline workers, had played a significant role."

Zheng strong hope that the long, absorbing more of the frontline excellent technique party organizations clerical workers to join it, in the form of a production line of high political quality and technical quality of the team, so as to encourage enterprises to develop faster and better.

Give full play to the role of industrial workers main force


Cheng beautiful

Shanxi Textile Group Co., Ltd. Jinhua Longhua weaving factory worker companies

"After hearing the general secretary in the opening ceremony of the 17th Report of popular education, it is tantamount to a vivid Party Class." Shanxi Longhua Textile Group Co., Ltd. Jinhua company-weaving factory worker representatives beautiful emotion said to this reporter, "to participate in the upcoming meeting, I feel very happy, This is not only my pride and the honor of our industrial workers. "

As a worker, Cheng beautiful work of the 22 already has been Superfine model workers in Shanxi Province, 10 in Shanxi Province and specialists in technical innovation, the March 8th Red, the "May 1 Labor Medal" a number of honors, in practice, she explored a lot of improving production efficiency and product quality. methods. Work, she gave her to pass on to the other without reservation technology workers over the past few years, she brought out a dozen disciples all become backbone of the production, operation skills, and her team has been elected as the advanced team.

The 17 delegates elected, Cheng beautiful are very proud, especially listening to the general secretary's report more exciting. She said that the report of the 16th CPC National Congress five years since the work done a scientific summary and conclusion, while affirming the achievements, but it also pointed out the problems that exist, the future work also made a new, higher demands. The report reflected public opinion, represents the wishes of the broad masses of people, tell the people the truth, people greatly encouraged. Of particular concern for enterprise workers of state-owned enterprises reform and development and wage income distribution system and has done brilliant expositions.

Speaking on the plan to the next step, the way beautiful said: "As a representative of the industrial workers, I have to seriously study and understand the spirit and the spirit of the General Assembly to take home. We should base ourselves on our own jobs, learning new knowledge, master new technology and to train a more technical experts. Let industrial workers in the social productivity of the main force role into full play. I believe this conference, our motherland will appear in more prosperous development of the situation. "

"Workers want to say, the report, are"


Pan Lanying

Iron Mountain in Hubei Huangshi City, vice chairman of Federation of Trade Unions

In Hubei, Pan Lanying fame not small. In 2003, Iron Mountain Huangshi City opened her name to the difficulties relief workers hotline. In September 2005, Huangshi City Federation of Trade Unions, consolidate resources, the establishment of a "Pan Lanying hotline service workers to safeguard their rights." Through this hotline, more than 1,300 workers to recover the arrears of wages, social security, and economic compensation totaling more than 10 million.

Pan Lanying and difficulties workers keep in close touch, well aware of their situation and expectations. After listening to the general secretary's report, Pan Lanying delighted to discover that many things associated with the trade unions, many workers want to say, the report, are limitless.

Pan Lanying referring to the reporters mentioned in the report - to increase the income of residents in urban and rural areas, there are two "increase", that is, "gradually increase the income of residents in the proportion of the national income distribution, improve labor remuneration in the proportion of the initial distribution"; There are "focus on improving the income of low-income, PV further raising the minimum wage help the poor standards and standards, the establishment of normal wages for workers of enterprises and support the growth mechanism of protection mechanism. " She said: "As these words really went to the vast majority of workers heart."

As a trade union cadres, Pan Lanying and trade unions in the report related to the work of extra attention to the contents of the "support of trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations and other people's organizations in accordance with the law and their own charters to work and participate in social management and public services, and safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of the masses", "the whole by relying on the working class wholeheartedly, improve employee congress as a basic form of enterprise units democratic management system, to promote the factory and support workers participation in management, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests. " Pan Lanying said that these elements are the work of the trade unions on the future guidance, "the report consistent with the aspirations of the vast majority of workers."

Pan Lanying Iron Mountain where the Union, in recent years have conducted many exploration and innovation. In the total non-public enterprises to develop "party building with the construction, the building promoting party building, a harmonious together" activities, and explore the party, the organization of the objectives of integration new ways.

Coal industry to achieve scientific development


Cun-chi Yang

Shanxi Datong Coal Mine Group mine Fully-Majiliang a team captain

"Extremely exciting and encouraging." After having heard the report of the general secretary, Datong Coal Mine Group mine Fully-Majiliang a captain of Yang-chi representative said. He has impressed you most as follows: "First of all, I think the report on the implementation of the scientific concept of development is very important expositions. Take the coal industry, in the past stresses economic development is to say how much coal, quantity assessments, now implementing the scientific concept of development, stresses social development, to talk about energy-saving greenhouse gas emissions, we must well fast. "

As a first line of mining the 17 representatives of Yang-chi world every month at least 24 wells, production safety, coal mine workers to improve production and living environment, are all issues of concern to him. He said that in recent years, enterprises in the coal mine production safety Greater efforts are being increased, the people's production and living conditions have been improved, but mine accidents still occur from time to time. 17 mentioned in the report to implement the scientific development concept, to be people-centered, we in the security management, the work of the people's minds at ease, can not be taken lightly, intensify the implementation of safe production responsibility, but also imperative.

Another point to his deep feelings about this is presented in the report to improve the people's livelihood accelerating with a focus on social construction. "Social development and people's happiness, well-being are closely related to the economic well on the basis of fast development, should strive to protect and improve people's livelihood, promote the building of a harmonious society." Cun-chi Yang said, "In recent years, the provincial party committee and government under the correct leadership of the Coal Group seize the opportunity, Branch school development for the benefit of employees. according to the group development strategies, integrated coal resources Shanxi Province, the production capacity for two consecutive years breakthroughs 100 million tons. vigorously develop recycling economy, the basic formation of coal, electricity, coal chemicals, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, and other major industry structure and achieved a major breakthrough in restructuring . Tashan economic cycle with coal Park beginning to take shape, with the Coal Group entered the fast track of healthy development. in the rapid development of enterprises, the staff of life has also been greatly improved. "

"People's health is a major event"


WANG Ya-li

Dingxi City of Gansu Province, People's Hospital, director of the Nursing Department

Decent suit, the hair style dignified, warm smile secretarial it stood before reporters on behalf of the Ya-Li Wang, who two years ago stood before President Hu Jintao, accepted the highest honor the nursing profession, "Nightingale Medal."

Already, knew her fate of the Ya-Li Wang, China's poverty-stricken areas in the West will work for a whole 30 to selfless dedication and angel-like sentiment, the majority of patients receive the praise.

Working in the forefront of her care, the health of the people most concerned about. She said that since the 16th CPC National Congress, at all levels of government has increased investment in health and medical industry, responding to public health emergencies of capacity has been constantly strengthened. This is at the forefront of the medical industry obviously felt the broad masses of medical personnel changes. At the same time, Medicare this one, progress soon. Both of the basic medical insurance, basic medical insurance system for urban residents, or the new rural cooperative medical care, these systems are advancing step by step alleviate medical care, doctor your problems, people's health has improved continuously, the average life expectancy continues to increase.

Especially, WANG Ya-li exciting yes, General Secretary Hu Jintao in the 17 mentioned in the report of the establishment of basic health system, and raising the people's health standards, "what are the current health care industry's most important issues, for instance, to uphold the public health nature of the public welfare, strengthen the government's responsibility and inputs. " Among them, "raise significant disease prevention and public health emergency response disposal capacity" - In WANG Ya-li, this a very practical significance, relevant aspects should consider the establishment of a preventive public health emergencies of special funds to the relative ease the pressure on hospitals.

WANG Ya-li deep backward to the remote and poor areas of medical and public health conditions and anxiety, she hoped that the government will increase investment, as general secretary in the report clearly pointed out, strengthen rural three-tier health service network system, so that the general health of rural people more secure, a happier life.

Bring out a number of "party spirit strong, professionally excellent" apprentice


Yao gold

Oil pipeline companies northeast Kyrgyzstan oil transfer management of the maintenance team vice captain

"End opened 17 big back, I should regard this to the staff on the reception were reported to the General Assembly and the spirit of good leadership these chats about normal, a company these chats about normal."

Northeast oil pipeline companies long Kyrgyzstan oil transfer management of the maintenance team captain Yao the representatives, told reporters on his two ideas: one is more absorbed young workers to join the party, is a band out of the disciples.

This year the 55-year-old Yao has been in the forefront of work on behalf of the oil pipeline in the system, is a superb business, it is the mechanical maintenance pick thumbs senior technician, has won the technological innovation skills, and model workers, outstanding party members and leaders such as a number of key skills honorary title.

He said he was training in recent years begun to consider the issue of young people: "I retired from there about six years, would like to seize the time to repair the whole team of young workers brought it to let them in debugging, installation, maintenance on the three links can work independently." His place of work in Liaoning, but after often deployed to other areas crucial. Once, in the Northwest Pipe Line stem During that period, it brought out the more than 100 apprentices.

Representatives of the Yao that young workers party members Micron tough enough, but also strong party spirit to be outstanding.

"The party's grass-roots organizations of the party's organizational basis for governance. Comrade Hu Jintao pointed out in his report to the 17th, to build a socialist core value system, and enhance the attractiveness of the socialist ideology and cohesion. "The representative said that Yao," I think that at present the main party building work in enterprises, it is necessary to young workers in various aspects of education, enhance their awareness of the party. in this regard, corporate grassroots party committees and party branches should adopt various ways to carry out activities. "

Yao representative of the maintenance team, accounting for about 20% of party members. But he said that is not enough and more.

Study and discussion of 17 major report, the representative of Yao feel the energy stronger, the future of the young people, confidence greater.

For the equipment manufacturing industry to contribute their strength to take off



Machinery Group mine in Shanxi Province, Taiyuan, head of the Leading Group Limited premiere

"I am an ordinary industrial workers, from the grass-roots level, this can participate in the party's 17 largest am very pleased and excited." Taiyuan in Shanxi mine machinery Holdings Limited premiere team leader Qingping representative said, "especially the morning on October 15 after listening to the report of the general secretary was non - often exciting, the report forward-looking, rich content, reflecting the five years since China's reform, opening up and building a well-off society made significant progress. "

Qingping representative said that the changes in the past five years she could clearly feel that substantially enhance China's comprehensive national strength, people have also been more material benefits. As an industrial worker, she witnessed the motherland and the people's lives over the past five years of development, but also contribute their own part. Under her guidance, "Liu group" has been awarded a national top 10 women advanced collectives, "National May 1 women's Award"; She also wins the individual, "May 1 Labor Medal", "national women's pacesetters", and many other honorary title.

As for, Qingping, on behalf of the excess production tasks completed only recently completed five years on the workload of 22, 62 to achieve technological innovations. She said: secretarial it "Although our group is engaged in the machining industry in the most difficult lathe worker jobs, but the older generation of big sister adopted efforts turned it into a heroic group, this banner delivered our hands, it must not let it fall."

"General Secretary far-reaching implications of the report. Facts have fully proved that the concept of scientific development to China's economic restructuring and social life of profound changes in the needs of the broad masses of the people's fundamental interests and common aspirations. "She said," As a trade union representative, I will be more efforts to continue to promote the rise of China's equipment manufacturing industry and take off to do our part. "

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