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The last one leaves (green speech)

[date:2007-10-17] [zize:B M S]
Friends: The well-known American writer Henry read the novel "Finally a leaf," and they presumably still remember this statement: "when the last one leaves fall, life, all over, I have to leave this world a hit. Love life ... female artists are, suffering from pneumonia endangered big limit, "she gently installing fear in this world of increasingly weak hand when she would really like a gently, as a frail leaves, with the cold late autumn Fung prompted away." first reading this novel, the juvenile did not know the fact that the heroine seem morbid fanatic language I take exception, and it is in humans pay homage to the green, green food and green energy, green computer, green refrigerator, green building was widely advocating today, re-read novel "Finally a leaf," to perceive, this clearly is a fable, the thoughts are , Gu Shi is a clear statement, the Greek musical sound. in Short own country the land of the United States of America, there is not a profound lessons of history? famous President Roosevelt on the deer has a soft spot for the President from this point little private interests, he ordered North Liberia Sanaa, a lush forests carry out large-scale raids, a large number of deer's natural enemies - lions, wolves and other predators were killed completely. more than 4,000 deer therefore only general of the explosion, was geometrically rapid growth, more than 10,000 long stretch of lovely neck wizard who eat a tree leaf, in the twinkling of an eye as if only asked, the famous forests disappear from the earth, the last remaining, only the first of any deer. Mr. Lu Xun said, the tragedy is the destruction of good things readers. in our province and the southern, there is a beautiful place, she has always been referred to as embedded in our plant Kingdom crown jewel of a green. She's beautiful, of course, is given by the green. However, in this jewel on the green, eight large red brick factory chimneys, and smoke day and night fluoride and sulfur dioxide in the smoke has far exceeded its normal result of the 1262 acres of natural rubber Lin victims, three 1005 100 million rubber trees wither it, the glue Although resentment boiling, but witnesses could not harm it, coincidence, the same latitude in a certain place in Guangxi, also staged a similar scene of astonishing, if that scene is still too different, is the red brick factory emissions addition to the large area plastic litter Lin dead, but also caused 50 mu mango flowering not only results in fruit shortage. We know that the natural rubber is extremely rare on Earth's natural resources, the only growth in the near Chek, we also know that the mango is recognized, "the King of fruits," then why would such a situation arise above the status because it ?---- red mud into bricks, need only a few days time, the money than to rubber mango faster! green is a symbol of peace and life. in very small, my heart would melt into a green ocean. Where 10 years wearing green national defense, I, the theater in the Laoshan films with ample sunshine, the green-dense subtropical jungle, spent life in a beautiful section of the Mood for Love. one is in the air as the sun, wind and rain adequate natural Oxygen-bar, I entered the peak. the most memorable of Health, the CD can sustain life, probably the only one that special the green tablets. In fact, I split the dream of Violet and souls of land so far not well-off, low levels of productivity in some places, social growth are not high, people in border areas of the farm work, still inseparable from the slash-and-burn, arson burning. I have had two people in border areas Head gambling partner to buy a box of matches sharing things, beginning assume they too poor and can not afford to buy a box of matches minute later discovered, in their lives, the Four Seasons Cooking fire, a burning matches, 2001, the little tree, the tree turned into ash. I can give them, is a useless piece of advice: Do not Our forest may have burned the ah. I have a colleague's desk, stands a wooden cup, what wood? red beans shirt. Kunming Institute of Botany of experts from the world of rare plants yew bark, made up 99.9% of stewing over anti-cancer drug Taxol, I did not expect that with the What happens after that could make these experts extremely bitter, old man in tears, Northeast Yunnan considerable number of yew bark has been stripped, cut the branches and leaves, the roots were also pulling even walk. because a commercial secrets were open, 1 g paclitaxel can be sold in the international 10,000 US dollars, those people also I believe a myth, caused by the cup Taxus, intolerance and even anti-cancer annually can. Kunming World Expo in 1999, talking about such a heavy topic, perhaps not the General Assembly to date. I know who I regretted that, I do not know who said that I want? We know that in today's global environmental problems 10 that warming, the ozone layer destruction, a reduction in biodiversity, the spread of acid rain forest is decreasing, the desertification of the land, air pollution, and so on, of which there are nine this because green vegetation is a direct result of the event of damage. increasingly higher buildings, life getting better and better, but less and less green, increasingly far Feeling Here, I wrote this poem too: chimney of a forest / reinforced concrete and cut off sight / I, the pupil no longer on the green / The sky is blue / green water that is / the rivers Qingliang it / it is hearty air. only human there is a planet, we on this planet ecosystems have never shake off dependence are not held accountable for the need to provide the Earth continuously plant and animal food, the need for adequate thickness of the atmosphere, not too high to protect human into low temperatures and excessive UV damage, the Earth needs the provision of adequate quantity of water and oxygen to sustain life exist, and not the green, not all of this has become the source of the long hair is like to sew, not the skin, hair and rooting night? green is decreasing, swallowed green, it is mankind itself, and the human development model that kind of natural resources the predatory and destructive exploitation. human obtained from the endless green is still a threat to ecological balance, and undermined the ecological structure. According to (a conservative figure) statistics, the world each year 20 million hectares of forest brutally indiscriminate felling, which is the size of Kunming 5700 ah. This has caused the global "greenhouse effect", linked with the world each year there are nearly 50,000 species threatened with extinction, and nearly 27 million hectares of farmland suffered disaster of desertification, even Harbor are becoming increasingly desertification, would not have to say that last year we sad took place across the Yangtze River in China, Songnen big disaster the bar, there is no need to say that our province's mudslides, landslides of it. such blind action if not effectively checked and changed, it is bound to the outbreak of horrible ecological crisis, and once it has since the outbreak of the limits of human control, the consequences can not imagine. At that time, we will understand that most after a fallen leaf will be taken away mankind's destiny, they are absolutely no alarmist. we are also pleased that the strategy of sustainable development has been included in the objective of the government I act, China has enacted more than 10 of the Environmental Protection Act, more than 200 environmental standards, green finance, Robert Kotewall to people's consciousness, "harmony between man and nature." Millennium is our desire, I think we should have called out the slogan of such a slogan: green is productivity! the Jinsha River Basin, such as Zhejiang, straw and wood fortune pit, dry beans of the Xi River phenomenon has quietly disappeared. you may ask me, all this also influence the last piece that you leaf it, then I want to say is that, you had to ask our "national anthem", why do you still will sing the "position of the Chinese nation to the danger of" this sentence it. Indeed, just as we close the flood disaster can achieve a decisive victory that has been revealed by the way, we firmly believe that the people the ability to sound like in both down, the building will help the dumping, but a good contender, without danger, there must be nearly the last to be vigilant in peace time, to the wide Zhu Ran. how can we not see until heads moon and stars, everywhere are acid rain, the flood at the foot of towering waves, Wang Yang runs, human everywhere postponed until "Qianshan got absolutely, eradicate million Path people disappeared" when it is she? Henry is smart writer with "O-end," with the world, that the down-final not a leaf, the patient is a danger of the newborn. I think We will also create another entitlement benefits of the EU at the end and ushered in human newborn. carry has never been a human choice, humanity has already McGREGOR Hill, we will take positive action in the face of crisis, and seize this historical opportunity, pressure as a driving force, to defend the green, we have to protect some of their home circle. face reality, we meet the challenge, looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence.

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