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How to prevent cancer from occurring?

[date:2007-10-16] [zize:B M S]
Moderator: viewers friends, How are you! Here is the CCTV "Healthy Way" live broadcasts, today we have to chat about the cancer prevention issues. First look at a group of data: the next 20 new cancer patients worldwide each year from the current 10 million to 50 million, the number of deaths due to cancer will be 6 million annually to 10 million. This is a group of very heavy data, we will want to talk about today is how to prevent cancer topic.

Moderator: cancer can be prevented? First, we look at a survey Interest:

Masses A: I can not think of cancer prevention, because if we can prevent so many people would not have had cancer.

Masses B: I think that cancer is not contagious, not prevention.

Masses C: I think that science and technology are developing so quickly, cancer is preventable, but in the end I say unclear how prevention.

Yang Binghui: Speaking ahead of the masses in preventing and controlling infectious diseases when I wanted to talk about the prevention and treatment of smallpox vaccination, all this control method is now the world has been the eradication of smallpox, and many people wonder if similar vaccination can also use methods to prevent cancer like a Unfortunately, at present there is no such side method for prevention, the future even with the precautionary approach may not be fully solved the problem. Because many of the causes of cancer and with the very large number of acts of our lives are closely related, probably to prevent cancer is not called on Vaccination can solve, but to change our lives, and this is very important.

Moderator: between lifestyle and cancer What is the link in the end?

Yang Binghui: Tumor scholars have noticed the great causes of cancer, including genetic, occupation, but most of the cancers (80%) in the etiology of our daily lives, it put forward a so-called "lifestyle cancer" of such a concept, the actual the public is warning people to pay attention to lifestyle.

Moderator: Do you understand the specific way of life issues are what?

Li Lan: I think first of all should be smoking is a bad way of life.

Yang Binghui: the relationship between smoking and cancer is definitely very close, we have the study shows that people who smoke in the possibility of lung cancer than those who do not smoke 8-12 times higher. Cigarettes harmful substances inside about more than 600 kinds, which has been confirmed carcinogenic effects certainly are 40 kinds of material about, smoking may lead to lung cancer are not only likely to affect the larynx, esophagus, bladder, and so on.

Moderator: Are there hazards of smoking to the specific data?

Yang Binghui: many countries around the world, including China the incidence of lung cancer is growing, but the United States early this year, the American Cancer Institute published the report the incidence of lung cancer is a cause for concern, the United States in the last century before the 1990s lung cancer is on the increase, but from the last century 90 after substituting on the incidence of lung cancer tends to slow, but starting from 1996 the incidence of lung cancer each year in a 0.4 percentage point decline. Another year in Europe also presented their lung cancer incidence rate has also started to decline. So what reasons? According to their own and said this is because the Tobacco Control of life is closely related to the improvement of the United States in the 1960s many smokers, smoking accounted for a person about 46% of the total population, after 30 years of efforts smoking rate dropped to 24%, so their lung cancer incidence rates have dropped. I really hope that China's tobacco control work can do so well.

Many in the etiology of cancer

Dietary factors accounted for 35%

Tobacco accounted for 30%

Alcohol accounts for 3%

Sexual and reproductive accounted for 7%

Food additives account for 1%

Drugs accounted for 1%


Li Lan: I would like to ask the usually eat fried things it is possible carcinogenic?

Yang Binghui: too much greasy food will not only lead to arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and cancer were also related, in particular with colorectal cancer is certainly relevant. Shanghai 20 years ago, the incidence of colorectal cancer in the incidence of various types of cancer in the qualifying section 6, and with this 20 improvement of living standards, the oil does not need to buy oil from the vote, the oil content of food increased significantly, so the incidence of colorectal cancer rose to No. 4. Some people think that high-fat meal will trigger breast cancer, and foreign research may show that diet and prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer is related.

Li Lan: in normal times - certainly have released oil, the oil in the end what to eat better?

Yang Binghui: In the past, many people thought that animal oil (muslin) should eat less, but from the perspective of cancer prevention is to control oil. South Some light dishes such as chili, soup, and so on are very beneficial to health.

Li Lan: I have actually seen in a magazine eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other articles can be anti-cancer, is it true?

Yang Binghui: This is a certain degree of truth, because like potatoes, sweet potatoes such foods are rich in cellulose, cellulose is basically not to be digested and absorbed in the body, there is a benefit that can be potentially harmful intestinal material in a timely discharge. We therefore advocate diet do not eat too refined, we should eat some rough, not only from the nutritional point of view or from the perspective of cancer prevention, in particular the prevention of colorectal cancer has many advantages.

Moderator: Is there any data to show that healthy eating habits changed?

Yang Binghui: We advocating is to eat more fresh vegetables and fruit healthy and also beneficial to cancer prevention.

Nobody daily intake of vegetables

From 150 g to 400 g

The risk of lung cancer can be reduced 50%

From 100 g to 350 g

The risk of developing gastric cancer can be reduced 60%

From 50 grams to 300 grams

The risk of developing gastric cancer can be reduced by 50%

Dietary changes can be prevented

50% of breast cancer

75% of the gastric cancer

75% of colon cancer

Li Lan: I still have a habit of eating dumplings is usually when eating habits just add to the pot, think this is very uncomfortable to eat, so are you?

Yang Binghui: the flavor is wrong, something easy to eat cup of esophageal mucosa damage, often eat hot food tends to produce chronic inflammation esophagus, many oncology experts cancer research indicated that chronic inflammation is actually a development on the basis of the past.

Moderator: northerners like to eat salted pickled vegetables, as well as eating foods such as pickles and Sichuan are related to cancer?

Yang Binghui: sauerkraut, pickles and pickled vegetables it contains a substance called nitrite and nitrite in humans encountered protein decomposition of ammonia on a combination of nitrite can ammonia, which is certainly an important factor for esophageal cancer formation. Some suggest that you should eat less sauerkraut, pickles and pickled vegetables.

Moderator: finish our food and then talk about peacetime consumption such as drinking cancer?

Yang Binghui: In fact, alcohol is not carcinogenic substances, but alcohol is the role of tumor promoter, I have done such a study, through surveys found too hepatitis hepatitis patients who no longer drink in the possibility of small hepatocellular carcinoma and hepatitis after drinking too people than not drink the possibility of the occurrence of liver cancer two times higher .

Li Lan: Some people say that each of them is actually a cancer cell, but some people demonstrated, but not shown by some people, this view correct?

Yang Binghui: wrong, the medical definition is as long as the cancer cells can be found to be diagnosed with cancer. However, the human body has oncogene, in the promotion of carcinogenic substances under the outbreak will then produce cancer.

Moderator: Mr. 37-year-old Hunan easy I HBsAg patients with hepatitis B, liver recent feels pain, does not in the long-term this will liver cancer?

Yang Binghui: hepatitis B than HBsAg not sure who the people in the HBsAg hepatitis B liver cancer risk factors higher.

Moderator: Ms. Lu 40-year-old Beijing I gastropathy 4,5 years, before eating the meal has stomach feeling, I would like to ask a stomach illness will continue to worsen cancer?

Yang Binghui: clinical phenomenon is a duodenal ulcer and cancer almost no relations, but there is still gastric ulcer always bad for the development of the possibility of cancer.

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