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Biographical notes on the Office of the Secretary of Table Template

[date:2007-10-15] [zize:B M S]
I Profiles Name: XXX Sex: Female nationalities: Chinese political colors: members of qualifications (degree): tertiary professionals: PR secretarial contact Tel: 12345678 phone: 1390001234 Email Address: pager :66881122 - 1234 Contact: Beijing Dongcheng District XX Main Street on the 10th Zip code: 100007 educational background graduate institutions: the Chinese Nankai University Course: Secretarial, clerical writing, public relations practice, negotiation science, human psychology, public relations, public relations language, applied writing, political economy, philosophy, foreign cultural history, File management, such as China's cultural history. Another: the other self-study training Xu Guozhang English 1-4. Administration is learning English and the undergraduate academic qualifications. And I have the driving license. Work experience * May 1995 - 1997 XX company prospects received during this period of work responsibilities seriously, by the leadership and colleagues praised * June 1997 - the date the Office of the Secretary of XX company responsible for document management work / writing instruments, paper printing / Ticket , hotel reservations and other outreach / assist the responsible persons important scheduling / coordination with other departments, to communicate the work / send and receive correspondence, ordering office supplies and other office Affairs personal profiles years of administrative work, so I fully appreciate the importance of the work that Secretary more on this popular work. This is a need for more accountability and carefully, to complete the work. I use five strokes of Chinese entry speed more than 100 words per minute; English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability to Grade 4 level (currently learning administration college-level education); A more skilled in social activities, more organized various cultural activities of experience; Able to skillfully use of Microsoft Office (such as: Word, Excel, Exchange, PhotoEditer, Powerpoint, Frontpage, Ulead Iphoto Express, etc.) of various functions and efficient day-to-day office work. I work conscientiously for the meticulous, and has a strong sense of responsibility and initiative. Hobbies broad-loving, literature and art is the company's backbone, character practical work hard, work conscientiously, strong sense of responsibility. I is a moderate, modest, self-discipline, self-confidence (According to my situation). Another: The most important is the ability, I believe I will feel that your company is a fit and proper person this job! Looking forward with your interviews!

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