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Parents to biographical notes on girlfriend

[date:2007-10-15] [zize:B M S]
"My mother let you from eating a meal at noon." Yesterday, the 27-year-old Chen received a girlfriend telephone. For him, this is a pleasant surprise, because he is outsiders, and his girlfriend home in Nanjing, she is not in favor of the parents at the beginning of their contacts. In order to the meeting, he prepared a ingenuity and biographical notes on. Inside his family, work and future salaries treatment also intend to have done, also the performance rankings table with a monthly wage of some honor certificate and a copy of the curriculum vitae also posted at the end of a lot of photos. Yesterday evening, Chen told reporters effect is pretty good, "noon meal together four very happy, not just what, I just call his girlfriend, said parents have been very understanding of my personal circumstances, I quite satisfied, think I am honest."

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