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Biographical notes on forms templates

[date:2007-10-15] [zize:B M S]
Personal Profiles: job-seekers intent; ________________ Name: ________________ Sex: ________ date of birth: ____ XXX date location: ___________ Education: _______________ professional: _____ _____________ Marital status: _______________ current annual salary: ________________ __ Contact: residential telephone: telephone companies: _____________ BP: _____________ phone: _________ ____ personal homepage: correspondence :________________________________________ ____________ postcode :___________________________________ _________________ educational background: the highest qualifications: __________________________ most highly educated professional schools :_____________: _____________ :____ time in the period between ____ ___ ___ years, the second qualification: _____________ second academic schools: _____________ professional: _____________ Time: ___ ___ years on the ___ to ____ on education Description: (here can be annotated: the required courses, attended school in the organizational activities, positions, awards, published articles, etc., as appropriate, based on individual circumstances change ) _________________________________________________ _____________________________ _____________________ __________________________________________________ __________ foreign language capabilities: a foreign language: basic skills through standard tests :_______ :_____________________ ___________ Foreign Language II: basic skills through standard tests :_______ :______________________ ____________ Other: Work experience: ____ ____ years on - on _____________ ____ ____ years company departments _______________ _______________ __ ____ years of work on ___ - ___ years ____ _______________ sector companies on _______________ _____________ __ work (here should be the core of the entire curriculum vitae, candidates can focus on the narrative, and in accordance with the work of different individuals and focus highlight the specific content of the work and experience, especially with the goal of job-related work experience; we must say the most important and most convincing work proof of the most experienced and the acquisition of profit for the company and related achievements; the tone must be firm, positive, and effective; specific work, proven ability materials; written work experience, is the first general wrote recently, and then the order in accordance with the writing. recent work experience very important. work experience in each of the written work in the first period, followed by work units and functions. in this part of One thing to note is that the individual statements of qualifications and ability to experience, not to mention personal needs too, ideals, etc.). personal abilities: (such as computer capacity organizing and coordinating capacity or other)

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