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Biographical notes on (market)

[date:2007-10-14] [zize:B M S]
XXX medium-sized enterprises in the market planning, management experience, strong business development capabilities;

Personal information

Name: XXX Sex: XXX Age: XXX-year-old
E-mail: XXXXXXXXXX telephone: XXXXXXX
Address: Road XXXX XXXXX XXXXXX District, Zip: XXXXXX

Work experience

XXX, XXX, - now XXXXXXXXX Limited market access Commissioner
Primarily responsible for XXX, XXX, as well as most of the northern city of market organizations, development, planning;
Participating companies products promotional activities;
Organizations of all sizes to participate in the show, and successfully planned the "XXXX excellent promotional activities";
New customer development, and the bidding will be public relations, communication with customers and signing;
Late customer maintenance;
Well-known companies with international cooperation, enhance the success of the company's visibility;

In XXX, XXX - XXX, XXX, XXXXX Enterprise Group Company marketing
The company responsible for project planning, market research;
The program to develop projects, participate in project activities to cooperate with the company and departments to complete the project's implementation; The company responsible for the relevant government departments and the external liaison work;
Assist general marketing manager of the development program, in the analysis of forecasts and product promotion planning deployment;
The contact with the customers, tracking, and in accordance with customer needs overall solution;
Grasp the rhythm of the project, information collection, analysis, collation;

Educational background
         In XXX, XXX - XXX, XXX, XXX economic management undergraduate colleges

Professional expertise and skills

Have a good operational capacity and psychological qualities and is eager to market the organization, management, planning;
Rich product analysis, positioning capabilities;
It has accumulated rich business negotiation skills, and a higher degree of customer development capabilities.
Excellent overall planning capability, a strong team spirit;
Skilled use of office software, good command of English listening, speaking and writing ability;

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