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Biographical notes on (customer service)

[date:2007-10-14] [zize:B M S]
Rich customer service experience; Moderate cheerful personality; Good communication skills and ability; Serious and responsible, with good team spirit.

Career goals

Seeking customer service for the securities industry posts to give full play to their four years of customer service and the Securities securities analysis, and other aspects of the rich experience and professional knowledge and skills. Including securities analysis, financial investment, customer service, especially to accurate and timely grasp the opportunity to expand the company for a certain volume of customers.

Personal information

Name: XXX Sex: XXX Age: XXX-year-old
E-mail: XXXXXXXXXX telephone: XXXXXXX
Address: XXXXXX District XXX XXX Road, Zip: XXXXXX

Work experience XXX, XXX, - now XXXXXXX company customer service director
The Department is responsible for the day-to-day company business transactions, including institutions, families and large and medium-sized retail trading and management;
Responsible for contacting customers and to attract investment;
Thoughtful and patient services, and promptly solve problems encountered by customers and the request;

Separation reasons: their confidence, self-confidence to find a better play to their arena!

In XXX, XXX - XXX, XXX, XXXX market Assistant Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Regular collection, analysis products and timely feedback to the company, supervise the upgrading of product quality; Special end-user deal with the special requirements;
The company responsible for the technical information related products released and updated;
Through various methods to answer the question of users, and users maintained good communication;

Educational background

In XXX, XXX - XXX, XXX, XXX college

Professional expertise and skills

Excellent negotiation skills, able to win the confidence of customers;
Patience attentive service, has abundant practical experience;
Skilled master computer and Internet knowledge;
Have a keen ability to analyze and judge;
Access to a securities business certificate;
Grade 4 English reach the state level;

Wage expectations: XXX - XXX yuan / month

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