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Biographical notes on English (sales)

[date:2007-10-14] [zize:B M S]
For many years experience in sales of consumer goods, the rich professional knowledge and skills, and effective completion of the company issued sales targets, keen market insight, diligence, effort.

Personal information

Name: XXX Sex: XXX Age: XXX-year-old
E-mail: XXX Contact Tel: XXX
Address: XXX Zip: XXX

Work experience

1 XXX, XXX, - now XXXXX food companies
Primarily responsible for catering sales channels, direct negotiations with the end customers, services such as star hotels, airlines, wholesale markets, in restaurants, fast food shops, such as the purchase of the Group. The company provides complete each product sales channels and product penetration of the show
With dealers and the customers keep in close touch, set development, conversion, integrated services
Responsible for the sales companies in 15 industries branded products
Leading the sales force and resellers to develop new sales channels
The five provinces and regions sales force management, and reached the company's goals
The latest trends in the market, in line with market competition of the brand conversion

1 XXX - XXX responsible for the management of Beijing's sales force and dealer development
XXX has been responsible for the sales management of five provinces
XXX, XXX, the sales performance is the 200%
XXX annual sales growth rate was the highest the company
Airlines key customers such as XXX, XXXX Hotel, Hyatt Hotel for the use of company-wide model of the one channel
Sales from the initial contingent of increased XXX XXX people
Former regional distributors to develop some XXX - XXX -

Educational background

In XXX, XXX - XXX, XXX, XXX undergraduate economic management

Professional expertise and skills

The industry has extensive experience in sales
A world famous transnational food companies XXX XXX work experience in the management experience of customer demand patience and a keen sense of Proficiency: Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet

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