Why do men and women cheat? And what can be done about it?
Infidelity or extramarital affairs have been extensively studied over the past two decades and a lot has been discovered. Unfortunately, most of the evidence indicates being faithful to a single romantic partner is difficult to do.
To start with, human sexuality is i
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Detecting deception is more difficult than most people realize.
Contrary to popular belief, people give off few, if any, nonverbal cues when lying. For instance, most people believe that breaking eye contact is an indicator of deception. Research, however, does not support this claim. There are no differences in eye contact when in
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There are two major questions you’ll be hoping to answer when seeking information about infidelity. The first is, “How can I tell if my partner is cheating?” And if you find out that he or she is cheating, then you’ll want to know, “Can this relationship survive?”
There is an article out there somewhere that offers over 180 ways to
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When it comes to healthy love relationships, we just may be cheating ourselves out of a lifetime of romance and passion. This article is going to help you get back on track!
Nothing is as exciting as New Love! The sunshines even when it’s raining and every minute you spend with your beloved is filled with energy and excitement. You
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Crimes of passion flood our popular media today, from movies like Fatal Attraction to the real life court sagas of the O.J. Simpson trial. One quote describes jealousy like this: “Love sees sharply, hatred sees even more sharp, but Jealousy sees the sharpest for it is love and hate at the same time.”
In the past it was the image of
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I don’t know a thing about you, but I’ll bet that your cheating wife is causing you more pain and stress than you’d care to admit. But let me ask you; instead of immediately making accusations and placing blame, did you ever stop and ask yourself “where did I go wrong?”
If you haven’t…don’t worry, most men NEVER DO. What I want you
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Definition of Infidelity
According to the dictionary, infidelity means unfaithfulness to a sexual partner, and in layman terms this simply means that your girlfriend / wife or your boyfriend/husband could be cheating on you for someone else. No marriage, no matter how rich, religious, political or powerful, is immune to the threat of u
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Since the advent of the Internet, online dating seems to be the next generation of falling in love and getting married.
With online dating, it seems that no one needs to be alone anymore. Everybody is bound to find the right man or woman through the help of online dating services. Best of all, online dating provides additional ser
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After rescuing and investigating more than 2000 cases of infidelity I know what to prescribe. Follow this prescription and find healing for your condition.
Here are seven steps to take if you suspect your spouse of cheating on you:
1. Stop asking direct questions. Yes that's right. If you hope that your spouse will tell the
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Cheating is different from infidelity?
Yes, I believe so. Signs of a cheating spouse will be different from signs of infidelity.
In talking to thousands of people embroiled with a cheating spouse or infidelity over the past two plus decades, I've noticed a difference. In our society the word cheating carries different meanin
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Hearing that your cheating spouse is “in love” with someone else is devastating. I hear often, “I can handle her having sex with someone else. I think I can live with that. But, for her to give herself emotionally and “love” someone else…man, that is hard.” (Feel free to substitute the word he for she in this article.)
What can you
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The fifth affair I outline in my book, "Break Free From The Affair" is called: "I Want to Get Back at Him/Her." This is the revenge affair.
It occurs in a marriage in which one feels slighted in some manner and seeks revenge by engaging in infidelity. It is less a movement toward the other person and more a movement away from one’s
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My, how the cheating spouse cries foul when he/she discovers you are spying.
Outrage can be intense: “How dare you!! I never thought you would stoop to that! How could you!? How can there be trust in this relationship if you do that? This is none of your business; I don’t spy and go behind your back! Now you know why I want to pull
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Do not use what you find on your cheating spouse as ammunition for revenge. Sure, you may have wonderfully violent fantasies of what you would really like to do to him/her and the other person. This is very normal. But, don’t act them out.
Using what you find to extract revenge will only lengthen the time of pain and anger. It wil
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Ask someone why they had, or are having an affair and you may hear something like this: “I have a lousy marriage. My marriage is dead. There is no intimacy, no sex, and no excitement. The love is gone. We’ve grown apart. I can’t stand the marriage. There was nothing happening in the marriage and the affair just happened.”
These sta
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