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Edison Chen 300 PIC
27, a netizen in a website "discussion board" recognize textures district released a group of pornographic images, pictures, the color of a woman in bra, but apparently was not put on their chest bare all key parts, and lower part of the body not in any of the obstruction, and proudly opened legs, sweeping key parts. Man i
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Why is it that when men make love obscenity
My boyfriend always liked making love in the course of that obscenity, especially in the time he is about ejaculation, is a series of bouncing out, he said that this is a way of help, which is really just?
Regardless of their sex, sexual excitement, both on weekdays can be能讲出some unspeakable words, of cour
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Bipolar sex enhance libido
Not according to the logic of development, so it should always pay attention to the changes; Of the more than eternal, we can only continue to seek to update. Faced with people immutable sex life, Dihangelei in Kinsey, "men into the bedroom left, the right woman into the bedroom," made, the bipolar sex allows sex life more perfect.
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The penile insertion method and timing
The insertion of normal posture
Before the show full, the female body cell has been burning up the vagina will secrete Aiye,性器also trembling vibration, showing starving expressions, waiting for the insertion of the penis.
However, even if the female is eager to insert the penis, and all efforts will also become smoke.
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Masturbation techniques for sex more stimulating (icon)
Sex may only genital mutual friction, but to explore a variety of changes to enhance the quality of your sex life, Do not let it become a走调routine. On your partner you can masturbation is a mutual exciting thing, therefore, may wish to look at this paper, let your fingers learn to walk.
Mutual masturbation is a pe
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Teach you how to correctly buggery
The first statement, I am not Gay, the only bisexual tendencies, because so far I have never occurred had sex with men, and never want to happen. But this involves a homosexual sex and related to such acts if you dislike so, please shut down.

    I was a bit of narcissism complex of the men, 22-year-old.
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Burning Love, Ten soothe boiling point
How fingers stroking the clitoris
Real Love, skills, and can effectively use fingers, in particular the need to achieve through foreplay clitoris of female climax, fuller use of the net and more effective. So good at using fingers, women unknowingly be induced to climax, which is to make women feel euphoric tips.
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Relax enjoy sex overcoming psychological barriers
Sex is God-given natural human instinct, but also many people will be happy to enjoy the快事. However, because each person's physiological and psychological conditions are different, so in the enjoyment of the process of life, there will be many setbacks or failure of the experience and feelings.
Psychological Jieyo
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Cast aside the misunderstanding and form good “Love customary”
Sex was originally full of fun and relax enjoy the interactive process, but you often guilty of illnesses and hidden "customary" did give the bed and great love of food has become tasteless,弃之可惜the tasteless, which in any case are the shortcomings of life. In fact, to fully enjoy the fun of sex, and sometimes give up some indifferent i
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Master Model temperament of women kissing (AP)
The first type:舔吻
With tongue licking on the other side of the lower lip, for the other side taste buds feel tongue licking ransacking feeling, to maintain the attention of the full saliva, if too little saliva, dry舔吻there will be no discomfort.
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After the climax you will do things four闺房honey
Many爱侣know how Huan-ai moment, fiercely associated mattresses will then swing, Ga-zi-tocked, but they may not know how to fish to water and the heat Huan continued after the upsurge in "insulation."
Qu continued after sex - leaned, support, chat, lived for a return to or SOLDIER are promoting close relations coup.
Before th
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Film sex with the reality of the distinction between sex (AP)
The film is a dream, since the phrase gifted director Wong Kar-wai. Movie sex is a wonderful dream, sustenance of the people yearning for the perfect sex, and began a far cry from reality. We live in reality, we can learn from the dream, it can not wallowing in them.
First, clothing the褪下
Film: Touching the men
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Urban men and women will know 23 personality skills
1, a week at least do love
Investigations revealed that at least one week so that you can live away from the disease and depressive mood. Seems to make reproductive stimulate the immune system more effective, reduce headaches and the treatment of acne, and the alleviation of pain, and other daily life.
2, and do not fin
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07 couples flirt super new Art of War
Although we have external-age adults, but in the emotional experience, the majority of people still remain at the primary stage. Therefore, if the intrigues to the doubles game, winning love, light charm and rely on external conditions is not enough, love and politics, the need for more sophisticated skills and a cool head.
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Home sites ranked the most gender stimulate sexual desire knowledge of articles
Battlefield 1: bedroom
All national culture, "bedroom" absolute "sex sites list" of the first, but this does not guarantee the bedroom, "Love, quality," will pass. Three generations in the family, mother-in-law occasionally to knock on the door, paying attention to her "heart and liver beloved son", as well as childre
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