Tourism beauty knowledge
With the advent of the tourist season, many people travel full tours of the beautiful natural scenery. But on the road, irregular diet, physical fatigue, coupled with the wind and the sun, the skin is particularly vulnerable to invasive facial damage, affecting beauty and health, and therefore on the road in the special needs of beauty
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12 beauty ideas
Strawberry white teeth? Jiemian pineapple juice? Lemon juice restore colour…… beauty of these small ideas you have not tried it, it quickly to see, we can learn a lot NEE MM their yo.
1. Strawberry white teeth:
    New York dentists tell you scaling secret: "strawberry slices, and then return in the
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2011 new color
White spent a spring day, the fun color this summer will let you excited incomparable. Recently, L'Oreal Paris issued a professional hairdressing theme "Simple Mali," the 2007 new colors, in addition to dazzle hair colors, L'Oreal professional hairdressing consistent "TOTALLOOK" criteria, but also allow us to see the and accesso
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Beauty tool for small Wikipedia
You are the true beauty of people? Occupational Regulation in the famous category division Linda Rothschild eyes, familiar with the beauty products alone is far from sufficient. He said: Even Christy Turlington Burns, Heidi Klum such a big star, used almost all the best-selling cosmetics, will appear in the incident suffe
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15 long-tested hair care Miao
1 not directly shampoo fell on the head
If your hair comparison valuables, when not directly shampoo fell on the head. Many shampoo, especially that -shaped, contain hair care ingredients and allow these elements rooting close scalp, no hair dry after the three-dimensional sense. The best shampoo fell on the palm hearts, an
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Perfume and enjoy wonderful time together (AP)
The world's most famous female coco chanel said: "I do not know how to use the female perfume is no future to speak of." For those who make the best use of perfume women, aged no more than a beautiful time of overlap, perfume was carrying in years most remember the wonderful time.
Fragrance perfume from the word derived
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Let the young 10-year-old woman
The female beauty, the one who does not want to own more young, and can retain a healthy US? We introduced the method is very easy to achieve, if you can stick to. Want young 10-year-old? In the not so difficult to imagine, but to persevere!
Netizen Li Li seen or understanding of the youth keeping the Road below for (includ
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Her legs Trilogy
Want to have proud of curve? A set of slimming products simple three steps will help you achieve the impossible task of quickly becoming the early spring of owners.  
The first step - smear way Qu
Will slimming solution (thin cream) cleans the calf, thigh, buttocks and abdomen. Add a chair on the floor, some aff
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Xiu legs Movement (AP)
Who would not have legs charming lines? However, we can just sitting there with the dream of tall? Still movement up!
Major moves: legs
Supine ground, abdominal tightening, placed beside her hands, shoulders relaxed. To his left leg buckling and feet flat ground, his right foot extension, as far as possible u
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Tomato Beauty maintenance ST strokes
Tomato can improve the balance oil secretion, let no skin at any time oil is not greasy, more flexible. If that trouble can be cut into thin tomato directly affixed to the face, and about 20 minutes on the effect can be achieved-length skin beauty. These can also use tomato slices in the face massage, can go and tender sk
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Skin most favor the 10
Mixed skin
1, BIOTHERM crystal white purification Xiu Yan SPF23PA + + 350 yuan: green, purple, pink, white four colors, isolation ultraviolet, makeup at the same time help adjust color, the skin has to perfect condition.
2, LANCOME absorbed sunscreen skin SPF20/PA + + 395 yuan: water surplus light texture, with doub
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Seven minutes movements
Easy seven fitness movement skills, regardless where there is no need of any assistance, the unarmed through easily fitness can be thought you figure inject more vitality, and the results of training was excellent!
Model Action 1:compaction Movement (pectoralis major muscle strengthening)
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Three strokes acquired small for Britain
Let us a slightly news is that Jennifer Lopez as the "big" has become obsolete! The current epidemic is "peach" - type small for Britain! Its best "spokesmen" is a "world genetic Aesthetics" the finest Minogue. It is said that Carey's "peach" in the United Kingdom is small for Britain Music Awards ceremony, has aroused pe
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Winter three sites pay should not be lazy
Bid farewell to the hot summer, and finally allows skin properly protected fresh air; With the arrival of the cold wind, delicate skin and suffered all kinds of "crisis": dry dry, cracking and peeling, color, susceptible to wrinkles ... face injuries skin is not promptly take action!
Accompanied by gradually lower
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Length skin beauty ideas
The city, all night long Lantern more and more., moonlight cold, and having fun is the good time. The nocturnal habits ofGirls who stay up late despite all know that good skin is a natural enemy, but in order to change them is very difficult. Well, if you had to dothan to learn what to stay up late on the body to minimize the harm!
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