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Do You Have The Courage?
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Stay Focused
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Because good public relations can alter individual perceptionand lead to changed behaviors among key outside audiences.And that can help business, non-profit and associationmanagers achieve their managerial objectives.
It all happens when you do something positive about thebehaviors of those important external audiences of yourstha
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Believe it or not, eBay is the 'BEST' opportunity you can use right now to make money online in the dropshipping business from the comfort of your own home.
Thousands of people just like you use eBay auctions on a daily basis to sell and buy products on the Internet; now it's your time to START your own dropshipping home-based busi
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It seems difficult to believe at the dawn of the 21st Century, that there exists a major discipline with so many diverse, partial, incomplete and limited interpretations of its mission. Here, just a sampling of professional opinion on what public relations is all about:
 talking to the media on behalf of a client.
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Yes, the tax season is upon with the first filing date forsome businesses being March 15, 2005. If you can’t imaginegetting your tax returns together by that date, you need notworry. The IRS automatically gives you an extension if yourfile the appropriate form. As you might expect, there aredifferent forms for different businesses.
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Business, non-profit and association managers committing their public relations resources to (1) doing something about the behaviors of those important outside audiences that most affect their operation, (2) creating the kind of external stakeholder behavior change that leads directly to achieving their managerial objectives, and (3) doin
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The following is my 12-month promotional marketing calendar. Keep it handy, as you'll need to refer to it throughout the coming year when forecasting your promotional messages. By no means is this list exhaustive. In fact, you should add to it based on your industry-related activities. There are many holidays throughout the year that may
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For business, non-profit and association managers, is itpublicity that delivers newspaper and talk show mentionsbacked up by colorful brochures and videos, combinedwith special events that attract a lot of people?
Or could your business, non-profit or association PR dollarbe better spent on public relations activity that createsbeh
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Are you a business, non-profit or association managerwho pretty much ignores your organization’s importantoutside audiences?
If that’s you, do you realize how difficult you’re makingit to achieve the important behavior changes you reallyneed and want? I mean changes that lead directly toachieving your department, division or subsid
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As a business, non-profit or association manager, whatdo you want?
Publicity that delivers newspaper and talk show mentions,or behavior change among your key outside audiencesthat leads directly to achieving your managerial objectives?
Special events that attract a lot of people, or public relationsthat persuades your most i
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Unfortunately, there are managers who define publicrelations by its applications. Which explains neither itsunderlying strengths nor what PR is all about.
The casual observer is left with a confusion of tactical,application-oriented definitions of the public relationsfunction: Is it publicity? Crisis management? Specialevents? Repu
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Why risk the embarassment when with a little basic PRtraining, you as a business, non-profit or associationmanager can always be ready for battle?
Never again will you fail to do something positive aboutthe behaviors of those important outside audiences ofyours that MOST affect your operation.
Never again will you fail to cr
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What is bad PR?
Well, if you’re a business, non-profit or associationmanager, bad PR does nothing positive about thebehaviors of those important outside audiences ofyours that most affect your operation.
It fails to create external stakeholder behavior changeleading directly to achieving your managerial objectives.
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