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The reason for the divorce for both parties is usually indifferent, regardless how the statements are made in the court room even though your spouse has become physically or mentally abusive, in fact, the reason is because you have different opinions from each other. If your spouse wants to abuse you, but you do not want to be abused, you
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If you view a divorce the worst thing of the marriage, be patient to see the final result and look for the routine which has become your problem. And if filing of the divorce is even more than the worst, you could be in shock for coming weeks, months, or years.
This is because a divorce consumes your life, determining who you are,
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You are in the process of a divorce? Congratulation! Or be patient and thinking about condolence. If you think you’re not going to have it, let’s move on with your life because you will have plenty of things to do when starting to move on with your life, forgetting about the divorce.
First of all, you need to be a ‘new’ person or n
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It is always better to break up a relationship peacefully. This is especially true if you still want to keep the friendship after you break up. There is really no use fighting with your partner if your really want to end the relationship. Doing so will only result in anger and resentment from both parties. And for sure, if you don’t break
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Perhaps one of the most painful thing that you can go through is to say goodbye to a relationship that you have nurtured for so long. A failed relationship does not only mean saying goodbye to a person that you love so much but also saying goodbye to a love that you thought would last forever. In a sense, you are also saying goodbye to on
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Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage
How do you know if you are in a good relationship? Most of us know when we do a good job at work but most can’t tell whether they are in a good relationship or not.
Can you?
If you can’t you can learn to tell if you are in a good relationship. Better yet, you don’t have to wait
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Breaking up is never easy. The important thing to do is to minimize the damage when it is time to drop those time tested magic words that simply goes like this: "It's not you, it's me".
Sometimes it can't be helped, despite of a couple's best effort, a relationship goes sour. It's nobody's fault, so you claim. But it is important t
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I have often been asked by my friends whether one should keep emphasizing to their partners that he/she has been making small changes and improvements in their life as a result of learning relationship mastery, and whether this would speed up the process of them retrieving their lovers. In fact, some people have been trying so hard to mak
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Marriage is one of the most sacred institutions in life. It should be respected and given importance. But it is sad to say that nowadays, a lot of couples tend to forget the sanctity of marriage. More And more couples opt for divorce instead of trying to work it out together. They take the convenient way out. Most couples forget that life
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Is there such a thing as “Single Blessedness?” It is an idea to be fathomed for we can’t consider it generally acceptable. Being single does not focus on the physical aspect of one, simply because there is an absence of a romantic partner, or a hubby. The essence of the word single blessedness is what it takes inside the very being of a p
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Some relationships were never meant to last. The ex could have been possessive or could have harmed the person physically. Those that are lucky to get out are more fortunate than others who choose to stay and suffer the pain.
People who refuse to give up on the relationship despite diplomatic ways of ending it have gone over the e
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Just like that poplar old school tune says, breaking up is hard to do. In the wake of a break up is a trail of broken dreams, shattered promises, malfunctioning hearts and dysfunctional personalities. Each break up is difficult and in the interim of the happy relationship, it’s pretty much difficult to pin down how not to have a bad break
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Nothing in this world seems to be permanent. Everything comes to its own end. Relationships come and go, relived and rekindled. People has a general notion that a kind of special “love or care” with each other will keep the whole world going well with them as long as they live. The situation becomes ironic when a sudden twist of events ch
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Fear is one of the strong forces that drive one to failure. It lingers with many faces, and may seem to follow around like a shadow. One gets afraid of situations, and even in a positive side of loving. It may seem perfect, yet there is fear of being lonely. Why will a person be afraid of breakup?
When one surrenders to someone by
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