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  1. Mr Wang made up his mind to devote all he could ______ his oral English before going abroad.
  A. improve       B. to improve
  C. improving      D. to improving

  2. Everything he ______ away from him before he returned to his hometown.
  A. took          B. had been taken
  C. had had been taken   D. had taken

  3. Before he went abroad, he spent as much time as he _____ English.
  A. could learning    B. learned
  C. to learn       D. could learn

  4. You can never imagine what GREat difficuly I have ______ your house.
  A. found        B. finding
  C. to find        D. for finding

  5. The person we spoke to ______ no answer at first.
  A. making  B. makes  C. make  D. made

  6. The person we referred to ______ us a report tomorrow.
  A. giving  B. will give  C. gave  D. give

  7. The days we have been looking forward to _______ soon.
  A. coming       B. will come
  C. came        D. have come

  8. The person we talked about ______ our school last week.
  A. visiting       B. will visit
  C. visited        D. has visited

  9. The man whose songs we are fond of ______ in our city next week.
  A. singing  B. to sing  C. will sing  D. sang

  10. Not only ______ the jewelry she _____ been sold for her son’s gambling debts but also her house.
  A. is; has      B. has; had
  C. has; has     D. 不填; has

  11. ______ in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him.
  A. Losing     B. Having lost
  C. Lost      D. To lose

  12. The research is so designed that once nothing can be’ done to change it.
  A. begins      B. having begun
  C. beginning    D. begun

  13. — What do you think made the woman so upset?
  — _______ weight.
  A. As she put on      B. Put on
  C. Putting on       D. Because of putting on

  14. Time should be made good use of ______ our lessons well.
  A. learning      B. learned
  C. to learn       D. having learned

  15. It was only with the help of the local guide ______.
  A. was the mountain climber rescued
  B. then the mountain climber was rescued
  C. when the mountain climber was rescued
  D. that the mountain climber was rescued

  16. Never ______ time come again.
  A. has lost  B. will lose  C. will lost  D. lose

  17. — ______ was it ______ they discovered the entrance to the underground palace?
  — Totally by chance.
  A. What; that      B. How; that
  C. When; how     D. Where; that

  18. I have nothing to confess. ______ you want me to say?
  A. What is it that      B. What it is what
  C. How is it that      D. How it is that

  19. Is this factory ______ you visited the other day?
  A. the one   B. that   C. where   D.when

  20. Was it _____ she heard with her ears really made her frightened?
  A: what; that     B. it; that
  C. that; which      D. what; 不填

  21. ______ what the six blind men said sounded!
  A. How foolishly     B. How foolish
  C. What foolishly     D. What foolish

  22. It was ______ the old clock that the old man spent the whole morning at home.
  A. repair  B. repairing  C. to repair  D. in repair

  23. Is this hotel ______ you said we were to stay in your letter?.
  A. that  B. where   C. the one   D. in which

  24. Please tell me the way you thought of ______ the garden.
  A. take care of     B. to take care of
  C. takinq care of    D. how to take care of

    25. A fast-food restaurant is the place _______, just as the name suggests, eating is performed quickly.
  A. which   B. where   C. there   D. what

  26. The film brought the hours back to me ______ I was taken good care of in that far-away village.
  A. until   B. that   C. when   D. where

  27. The professor has written another book,________ of GREat importance to cornputer science.
  A. which I think it is     B. and I think is
  C. which I think is      D. when I think is

  28. — Where do you think ______ he ______ the computer?
  — Sorry, I have no idea.
  A. had; bought      B. has; bought
  C. did; buy        D. 不填; bought

  29. We should do more such exercises in the future, I think, _____ those we did yesterday.
  A. as    B. like   C. about    D. than

  30. He will tell you _____ he expects will win such a match.
  A. why   B. whom   C. which    D. who

  31. In New Zealand, I made lots of friends _____ a very practical knowledge of the English language.
  A. get   B. toget   C. getting   D. got

  32. I’m busy now. I’m sorry I can’t help _____ the flowers.
  A. watedng      B. watered
  C. waters       D. to water

  33. Who would you rather ______ the report instead of you?
  A. have write     B. have to write
  C. write        D. have written

  34. We must stop pollution ______ longer.
  A. living      B. from living
  C. to live      D. live

  35. — Was it under the tree ______ you were away talking to a friend?
  — Sure. But when I get back there, the bike was gone.
  A. that    B.where    C. which    D. while

  36. Not far from the club there was a garden, ______ owner seated in it playing bridge with his children every aftemoon.
  A. whose     B. its      C. which     D. that

  37. Wang Ling was elected ______ all he is the tallest.
  A. because            B. because of
  C. for                      D. as

  38. We’ll be free tomorrow, so I suggest ______ to the history museum.
  A. to visit                          B. visiting
  C. we should visit            D. a visit

  39. I like swimming, while what my brother enjoys ______.
  A. cooking                    B. to cook
  C. is cooking               D. cook

  40. Thank you for the trouble you have ______ to help me.
  A. paid     B. taken     C. had        D. asked

  41. Who is it up _______ decide whether to goor not?
  A. to to      B. for for     C. to for      D. for to

  42. We keep in touch ______ writing often.
  A. with          B. of           C. on           D. by

  43. — How long have you been here?
  — ______ the end of last month,
  A. In           B. By            C.At                D. Since

  44. You should treat him (in) the way ______ suits him most.
  A. that       B. in which    C. 不填            D. why

  45. He insisted that the sky ______ clear up the following day.
  A. would    B. should       C. 不填          D. be

  46. He is a strict but kind-hearted father, ______ the children respect but are afraid of.
  A.不填     B. that             C. for whom        D. one whom

  47. Mr Smith is ______ a good teacher ______ we all respect.
  A. such;that                 B. such; as



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