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[日期:2008-05-17]   [字体: ]
I was a child Aba, examinations of the Chengdu University of the Southwest University of Finance and Economics.
Yesterday afternoon, and I always like sitting in their dorm room, ready to classes on the afternoon of a sudden, a while obviously felt the shake, and then I immediately from the reaction, shouting out: "Earthquake!" With a female dormitory probably not Reaction from, surprised at me and asked: "What!" Voice soon, the bedroom floor, has been keen shaking up, because I live in the girls bedroom, fifth floor, and bedroom area of relatively large, so is feeling very strong, almost Standing instability, along with Weng Weng Sheng,…… cabinets on the table to start things out below, I thought…… quick collapse of the house!

I Benchu bedroom door, dormitory building came girls panic sounds……
My first reaction was running toilet, the toilet because of the relatively small frame, but from a sudden reaction. Our hostel is a collective toilet area than the bedroom are also some big panic, I do not know aisle in which the girls called out: "drilling under the table!" I reaction from immediately back bedroom with drilling on the computer under the table. Under the table, I immediately called her roommate also under the table, but she has disappeared, this time I only house one person, accompanied by a drastic shake, I looked at the table under the bed shaking and suddenly think: " I also do not want to die ah! "
This time seems to be shaking a little bit better, I go all out for his calm, that should not be very serious, and then outside the bedroom door, crying next to a friend, did not expect she disappeared……
Then I speed the return of dormitory, Nahao keys, bag, close the bedroom door, and then with the crowd Xialou.
This has shocked when drawing to a close.
Xialou run, all the girls dormitory below, friends and roommates are safe, my friend is to phone, but could not see me down, she was pleased. Later we went to the relative safety of the spacious, sunny square of the school started to discuss the issue of the earthquake, the phone completely unreasonable.

Friends said: "Mobile is not to say that in the Himalayas have signals on them…………" She said she took Xialou the student cards Khan…… NDS has also brought me to see all the people Are playing out in the telephone, then perhaps more than telephones
Commissary of the phone cards are sold out
     The bank teller who is also a long line of the team, although there are disturbing, but everyone together, let me feel at ease. Later, we take things back to the bedroom, she was wearing slippers, go back and change, did not expect the unit first arrived, the ground began to shake with the speed we end things, the withdrawal and return to the Sunshine Plaza! Friends and I Started discussions on the issue of earthquake!
     We analyzed, Chengdu certainly not the epicenter, and then she said that the epicenter may Xichang side, I suddenly of a heart Jiling, which will not be the Aba side! Heart has begun unrest, a friend using a mobile phone Internet barely started to help me check the earthquake information……
    This time the people have been found next to, to listen to him said: "Wenchuan!" Is Wenchuan! ! This扎the same name as the knife in my heart, Wenchuan! I GREw up in small places! My home! My mother is still there! I asked the person-the past, he said: "Wenchuan, 7.6 earthquake in Tangshan, and almost" the moment I have Meng, fell into the hands of the cups to the ground. Then I began to frantically phone, unreasonable…………
Mother fighting to stop, could not use a landline, a cell phone……
At that time, I thought, I have to go back, I have to go back! !

      Later, in the plane of the dial in Barkam, the father of the telephone, immediately feel at ease the minds of many, he has not news, but nothing……
     I am anxious to spend in the afternoon to evening, the school issued an order to prohibit students back bedroom, so we all sleep in the square, we very good mentality, playing poker, playing computer, tents, mats blankets, food, We are ready to put a square in the audio, broadcast earthquake in the relevant circumstances
     I can not under the heart, the only non-stop the call, and then ah! Then ah! Each time a busy tone I was disappointed on the one night I played no fewer than 100, the occasional-be: "I am sorry, you are temporarily unable to dial the phone connected!" Now every section of the news affects all of my Heart……
     I have been praying in his heart, on God, must let my mother without incident, I Wenchuan in exchange for it, let my mother come in here! Wenchuan all the relatives, friends, Come on! You must be OK! Also my mother! Hope that we pray for them!





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